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Lelangir on Kimi ni Todoke

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The tide of animeblogging revival sweeps the land. Now it’s Lelangir, with an abandonment notice for Kimi ni Todoke. The fact itself is not that surprising, I suspended it after ep.10, but the reasons are unconventional, to say the least (also, poorly expressed: the Kazehaya graf seems to tag him as a “blank” self-insert, then Ryu graf says “again, not a self-insert” — so, is Kazehaya?).

-Hirano is barftastic; yeah, I just can’t stand that voice.

Aren’t we supposed to hate the work of Miss Noto in this show? Unconventional!

Before anyone asks, no, I do not announce abandonment: KnT is a terrific show. Just things happen, you know. But if anything, the real reason for suspension is how they dealt with the hapless Kurumi, who is there to join the Ami club (where she joins Arresta).

Otogi Juushi Akazukin TV

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I am quite certain that Tempy (R.I.P.) planted the seed of Akazukin in my mind, although precise circumstances are unclear. I confused it with Magical Play at some point, but now I’ve seen both. The only thing they have in common is surprising amount of violence. And Akazukin is even cuter than MP (actually “very cute” was Tempy’s capsule review).

BTW, “Fairy Musketeers” is a a literal translation for the title. Yes, really. The musketeer in question is a man with a gun (juu).

Liked: Yes, despite the creepiness
Rewatch: No


転校生 — transfer student (move – study – student) — Erika’s transfer
たいした物がありませんが — it’s not much, but…
番犬(ばんけん) – guard dog — Val in denial
女心を分かってねえだった — says Val, who never had a girlfriend
二つで一つ — like peas in a pod
せいかくが悪い — horrible personality — about Shiroyuki
競走(きょうそう) — a race on foot

Adorable Homo Erectus

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

As far as I can tell, writing for Anime Dream, Matt Brown asks the question: “If you did not have Internet, and all you could do were to buy or rent DVDs (not VHS), what anime you might really want to watch, but could have a difficult time doing so”? Ironically, he asks this on the Internet. Frankly, it’s difficult to see the point of setting such contrived conditions. For crying out loud, Steven Den Beste has an account on Bakabt now. The is no point in denying the downloadable content’s existence anymore. It does not make you “moral” to pretend it’s not out there. So, what is it that he’s trying to communicate?

Sure, I buy DVDs (even R2s). Since DTO (minus DRM) is not where I want it, and I want to own, not rent, there’s no other way, yet. But Matt’s points appear to be watching, not ownership (at some point, he mentions Netflix).

UPDATE: Steven adds a new angle: “If (same no-Internet premise as above), what did you lose that you otherwise would see on fansubs”? The result is more familiar, that of series that were never released, while in Matt’s case they were and have gone out of circulation. The basic idea can be bent in various ways. For example, ANN has a “Buried Treasure” column that has formalized indicators for series that were available on fansubs, were not available on fansubs, Laserdisc, random screening at certain events in Japan, and so on. There’s a lot of stuff out there. And Matt chose perhaps the silliest way to set the conditions.

UPDATE: We reminded Aziz that his blog is notionaly about anime, as he relates yet another horror story of out-of-print woe. He also thinks that “[i]t’s really just the torrenters keeping [anime] alive right now.” Plus, Hulu made to kill Boxee?! That is certain to reduces the number of people watching Honey and Clover.

Lawson on 2009

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Yet another Dead Beloved Blogger is flushed from hiding by the end of the year festivities. These are Jeff lawson’s favourites of 2009.

Aoi Hana – Not so much a yuri show as it is a lovely story of friendship and how love exists in so many different forms, to be expressed in so many different ways. And, like everything Shichiro Kobayashi touches, it’s oh so pretty.

You know what this reminds me about? Avatar (that did not bend air). Everyone knows that it was a show for people who hate America (and themselves), yet smart and articulate people try to whitewash the fact. I am not saying Aoi Hana is in fact the same phenomena, just that Jeff’s hedges are awfuly familiar. Remember, he gave top marks to Simoun, too. Consistency, and he has an eye for quality, but too funny nonetheless.

K-ON! – A much more charming slice of life series and much better organized 4-koma adaptation than the “too cool for school” crowd would have you believe.

Ouch. And welcome back, Jeff, we needed you.

Toradora – As a romantic drama, it shines, even despite its hard on for existential philosophizing (a common disease of many light novel adaptations, it seems). Still, the anime series is a well conceived and carefully constructed piece of work that leaves me even more convinced that Tatsuyuki Nagai is truly one of the industry’s brightest new stars.

Observe: no “the end was too sudden” whining. Unfortunately for me, I have extensive notes about Toradora‘s weak, pondering, fillerish middle episodes, but if I just look back at it, it sure had its moments. And not just the ep.16.

. . .

Bets on Momotato

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

With Momotato’s once-a-year post expected tomorrow, the pool is open. I think he’s going to name Ichizon, because he liked Sunred, and they are the same, right? Right?

Omo is not eligible, because I suspect he’s got an inside track.

What Reanimedia licensed

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Another curious thing about the R5 release of Haibane is what other titles are included into Reanimedia’s portfolio. A look into general R5 license list (has English titles) shows that the company specializes in quality releases to collectors. So, what do they consider deserving? Here’s a translation of the entire list:

Certainly, competition with other R5 companies affects the result, but as the example of Haruhi shows, patience, attorneys, cultivating links with Japanese rights owners, and money go some ways to help. With that in mind, Diebuster 2? No, seriously?

LoHP on Mai-HiME

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Since we are on the topic of the contrary opinions, here is another one:

Anime I’m glad I didn’t drop

Mai-HiME is the single best example of “you never really know.” The first half featured vapid and seemingly worthless school hijinks. But this was all a (admittedly poorly executed) setup for an absolutely phenomenal second half. The anime went from “bottom rung” to “top tier” in a single scene at the drop of a brilliant plot twist.

When I dropped Mai-HiME, I knew where the second half was going, and I did not like it one bit. Just like Xenoglossia, actually.

By the way, do you know what makes it hardest to drop? Having bought half of the DVDs. Ergo: never buy unwatched.

TNK on Lucky Star

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Hidoshi suddenly resurfaced (was on a hiatus since October) with these observations:

Lucky Star presented itself in such a way that I often felt that I was only seeing snippets from a full set of lives. However caricatured the cast became, they still had ambitions and goals which fell outside the scope of their more fleshed-out discussions. At the best of times, you could see into their souls through the subtlest moments, never to be talked about again, which summarised relationships and personalities with few, if any words.

Consider the moment when, in episode 15, Konata and the girls go to the concert. The look on Konata’s face when Kagami switches spots with her and the real effect of the show sinks in is timeless. It’s emotionally engaging, and all it took was a director realising that an expression can write the whole book for a character. What’s more, it made me feel like my love for the series was valid, and I enjoyed writing about that.

Not sure why he thought it necessary to wrap the content into paragraphs of LiveJournal emo, but on the topic I happen to think that Hidoshi was on to something. He was especially astute about the hints of other life outside the anime itself. Seening tantalizing hints of Mucchi’s life of sports in Manabi was even better done, but LS is fine too. The emotional egagement is what many series do, it’s not that special, although always welcome. BTW, LS 15 is the post-Yamakan direction.

Hashi on 2009

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Unlike JP, Hashi opines about shows of 2009 that I would not care to watch, so it’s a view from “the other side”, so to speak. Naturally our tastes are sharply divergent:

Seitokai no Ichizon — This instantly becomes one of my two favorite comedy animes of all time, along with Ichigo Mashimaro. No surprise that both are by the same director, Satou Takuya, whose brand of humane absurdity is just what I like.

Just for the record, Ichigo Mashimaro was mediocore.

Transientem is eaten by Music Grue

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Common natural predators of anime fans include Gaming Borg (hello Shamus Young) and 3D Women (hello J.Greely), but apparently some fall victim to Music Grue too. Transientem completely turned recently (not like he didn’t warn us). BTW, I never liked Hikaru Utada either… All this dual-career thing, and then her sound is just like the late-career Yoko Ishida, only from the start.