Otogi Juushi Akazukin TV

December 31st, 2009 by Author

I am quite certain that Tempy (R.I.P.) planted the seed of Akazukin in my mind, although precise circumstances are unclear. I confused it with Magical Play at some point, but now I’ve seen both. The only thing they have in common is surprising amount of violence. And Akazukin is even cuter than MP (actually “very cute” was Tempy’s capsule review).

BTW, “Fairy Musketeers” is a a literal translation for the title. Yes, really. The musketeer in question is a man with a gun (juu).

Liked: Yes, despite the creepiness
Rewatch: No


転校生 — transfer student (move – study – student) — Erika’s transfer
たいした物がありませんが — it’s not much, but…
番犬(ばんけん) – guard dog — Val in denial
女心を分かってねえだった — says Val, who never had a girlfriend
二つで一つ — like peas in a pod
せいかくが悪い — horrible personality — about Shiroyuki
競走(きょうそう) — a race on foot