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Sunred retake

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I wasn’t happy with Tentai Senshi Sunred when it aired, but I was made to watch it again at the club, and it makes a bit more sense now. The jokes are pretty funny, but more importantly, they do not wear out despite the ostensible repetition.

In addition, Kayoko is ridiculously hot, because she’s so woman-like.

UPDATE, in which I agree with WAH (of all people!):

[] Another thing that makes Sunred funny is how deep it plunges its heroes and villains into the stereotypically mundane Japanese lifestyle. As such, making the characters pay for things in dollars, as well as citing American brands as opposed to Japanese ones robs the show of its cultural flavour. Sunred thrives on references to local and nationally known things.

Of course, raw is the way to go. But the screencap above should not be taken as an indication that I am in any way or shape capable of understanding Sanred raw. I was so immensely proud when I got the gist of the plot to catch Kayoko, between the rabbit and the dog dude, but that really is the limit. Go, ANBU! Make it accessible! Not that I personally would download it…

UPDATE: Price of Sunred’s bike goes lower in every episode.

Las Cruces Anime Day

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Thought I gave up on cons, but LCAD announced a panel “IDOLM@STER videos”. My only weakness! If any animebloggers plan to come, hit me on e-mail, plz.

UPDATE: Las Cruces hosts the only Pizzeria Uno location in the state.

UPDATE 2010/01/31: Well, that was fun, but unfortunately my monstorus headache almost ruined it. I passed out some time after 4 p.m. and missed on the half of the con. I made it to the IDOLM@STER videos thing, which turned out not to be a panel, as I mistakenly assumed (even though it plainly had a grey background in the program).

Chihaya, “relations”.

Seing the videos in full resolution was unreal. For some reason, everything on YouTube is quite bad. Unfortunately, since the showing had no panelist, there was no way to ask just where they downloaded the videos.

LCAD itself was amazingly well-organized for a small, backwater con. I remember coming up to Fanime on Saturday and they still had no program (it was only ready in the afternoon). But here the schedule was finalized and published at least 4 days in advance. It was also given to attendees in an attractive printed booklet, and was easy to read. All panels and screenings ran like clockwork, except for Mrs. Rial being fashionably late.

Robert lashes out at DTO

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Seen a funny missive today from the owner of RACS:

R1 studios are not going to be able to build a future on paid downloads or advertising revenue shares. That strategy caters mostly to the folks who are currently stealing Anime, and is DOA. From my point of view, I only care about the concerns of paying Anime fans. Torrent downloaders and bootleggers have no stake, and therefore no voice, in the Anime industry and their concerns should go entirely ignored by the industry except to the point of what might entice them to become paying customers again. [Emphasis mine — Author]

So, Robert suggests “the Anime industry” to ignore the market that is growing (and in which he is not a player) and concentrate on the one which is shrinking (and in which he operates). This seems entirely too transparent to me. I cannot answer better than Penny Arcade did in a strip. Fight the rear guard all you want, the tide cannot be stemmed. I am definitely going to step up purchases of downloads (minus DRM, of course).

UPDATE: AstroNerdBoy thinks the future is in “freemium” model. Honestly sounds too much of a buzzword to me, but…

UPDATE: Omo discussed it further, mostly from the BD angle. He is also pretty hard on the “digital delivery” in the comments. I tried to explain that lower quality makes a ton of sense for my situation. My facts are: a) I do not have a 1080 display device (this laptop’s display is 900 pixels tall), b) I do not have a BD spindle (not even a consumer one), c) I have a high performance broadband connection (low megabytes per second grade). Why would not would Crunchy sell me some Precure at $2 a pop (aside form it being a lousy show)? The question is only how many fans are like me, and how many are willing to get BDs. But he won’t listen. I guess we’re just going to fight with our money, K-ON style.

91.8 The Fan and PSP Radio redux

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

At the club today, our local industry insider (whose name, unfortunately, I did not catch) announced that a new station started broadcasting: 91.8 The Fan. Although the site was attractively designed, finding their stream was a chore (I only saw a Flash applet), so I hopped on their IRC channel. Sandgolem himself linked me the location of their .pls: Other friendly chatters gave me a link to their forum thread, which referred to This player addresses essentially all of my previous issues, so I’m quite happy.

Damien calls out Kuro on Himari

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

At Moe Check:

Eyebrows were raised when I named Kampfer as my favourite show last season before the last few episodes, but I do not see any objections mentioned to people slamming Omamori Himari after… what, two episodes?

Although honestly, Kurogane’s reasons for dropping were higly dubious. Fancervice? Pile it up. I wish Tayutama wasn’t as bad as it was.

Kids these days

Friday, January 15th, 2010

<NovaJinx> …what
<NovaJinx> that comic is disturbing
<NovaJinx> seriously
<NovaJinx> that totally beats Mistakes of the Youth in awkward self-insert
<hikago> more than that, it’s a fantasy with MIAO
<zaitcev> I cannot believe you have not heard about Miao Diary.
<hikago> AS THE… argh
<hikago> i purged it from my mind
<hikago> this was like a year ago
<hikago> i thought i was free
<NovaJinx> lol
<NovaJinx> well I kinda like his art but everything else is….orz

UPDATE: The #animeblogger channel is not secret, in fact it was “recommended” to be linked from the navigation alongside the mandatory buttons. I did not have the button because I conserved sidebar space back in the bad old days of inline categories. Enabled it now.

Jessi’s capsule (p)reviews

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

My favourite hater of good anime also has a LJ. Yesterday she sent up what amounts to a list of capsure comments, and I am weak for them. Scroll down where she becomes tired and terse. Many are quite witty!


Kampfer – Trap anime, too lollerrific to pass up. Probably won’t finish; I’ll stop when the lulz run dry.

So tsundere! But yes, and it’s a valid way to look at it. The intrigue and mystery that kept me interested were deliberately mauled by the creators, and here are wages they receive. I am not even going to watch the second season.

Will the real Cuc please stand up?

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

I have a little “database” of anime series with capsule descriptions, which lets me scan lists quickly. I aim for capturing the essense of perception, e.g. Michiko and Hatchin is labeled “GTA: San Andreas” (which actually refers to the PA strip, not game). But most are referential: Potemayo is tagged as “jefflawson laughed (peeing… is this good?)”. They are not necesserily full of laconic meaning, for example Kemeko DX has “Kuro said “awesome” on IRC”.

Next to Bakemonogatari it says “Cuc’s advocacy.” The implication is, something that someone named “Cuc” wrote persuaded me to give it a try. But what was it? The database allows to save URLs, so I know that “Moogy’s advocacy” for Sorakake is about his “spiritual successor” post. But there’s no such for “Cuc”.

A google search for “Cuc Bakemonogatari” unearthes a comment at AoMM:

Since you are the only blogger who make it a point how Bakemonogatari’s setting is an urban sprawl, I’ll answer your question.

This is Shaft’s art style choice, and NOT in the novel. The novel keeps emphasizing that the place they live in to be an unremarkable small town.

Did you notice how the mountain in Episode 9 almost seems like Mushishi’s pre-industrial world? The mountain is in fact not very far from the town at all. That’s what Shaft has been doing in this series, as Every piece of background scenery has been hugely exaggerated like that: the urban area in all urban episodes, the school staircase in Ep 1, and the bicycles in this episode.

On the other hand, the “my seiyuu is excellent” joke is straight from the novel, and there’ll be more anime jokes in Nisemonogatari.

Curious, but not too strong. Also, I stopped reading AoMM comments back when it was AoMM (not even DbD). So, it cannot be what I meant. All we know, Cuc was indeed into Bake, but he left no backlink. *headdesk*

UPDATE: As it turned out, Cuc e-mailed me about the topic some time ago and that is what the entry was about. I am very sorry to admit that I forgot all about it. He has no blog, so there’s nothing to link. The message itself went (somewhat abridged):

I think Bakemonogatari when viewed as a harem anime, is a very important work. (Judging by its sales figure in Japan, the Japanese otaku are considering it as such.) It’s extremely self-aware and fourth-wall-breaking, but can be sincere when it needs to be, something that’s rarely been attempted in the usual harem anime.

I recall that you worried about there being too much violence. This really is not the case, the violence is quite limited.

I guess I just have to be more dilligent about throwing all comments into the the blog and let Google do the rest.

LK2 on Nodame (at-last-cant-wait) Finale

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

I chuckled at this:

So, this is the seventeenth season of this series, about some chick who plays piano and some guy who stabs people with a conductor’s baton. The chick used to be lame as shit, but in the new series, she’s taken a level in badass, and has ninja skills. You can see that in this picture, where she catches a fly with her bare hands. It’s pretty intense.

He’s referring to this iconic promotional picture:

Like the haunting biege bottoms of Dennou Coil and — more conventionally — Makina’s bare ass, once you saw it, you cannot unsee it. The note that the hapless fly emits when Nodame crushes it is a very nice touch.

UPDATE: Evirus in 2001 and Nauscicaa, reposted in 2012.

Nova on Omamori Himari

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

The visuals are plain at best and character animation is wonky, with jerky movements and frequent drawing errors. […] Omamori Himari is an awful anime without a doubt.

Not sure if we can trust Nova on this, or anyone really: Aroduc rejected Kimi ni Todoke based on “artistic demerits” (!). The accompaining screencaps look nice. One of them would be not out of place in Haruhi. But then, “jerky movements” are difficult to illustrate with mere screencaps.