LK2 on Nodame (at-last-cant-wait) Finale

January 13th, 2010 by Author

I chuckled at this:

So, this is the seventeenth season of this series, about some chick who plays piano and some guy who stabs people with a conductor’s baton. The chick used to be lame as shit, but in the new series, she’s taken a level in badass, and has ninja skills. You can see that in this picture, where she catches a fly with her bare hands. It’s pretty intense.

He’s referring to this iconic promotional picture:

Like the haunting biege bottoms of Dennou Coil and — more conventionally — Makina’s bare ass, once you saw it, you cannot unsee it. The note that the hapless fly emits when Nodame crushes it is a very nice touch.

UPDATE: Evirus in 2001 and Nauscicaa, reposted in 2012.