Moribito ends

February 3rd, 2010 by Author

There were really no surprises, and there is not much to write about, except one thing: they really outdone themselves animating the final 3 episodes. The characters went stronger on-model and generally a lot of effort was expended on all elements of the visual presentation.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Not likely, but would not object

One thing to rant about here is how it took me more than a year to complete the run (the opener post went up in December 2008), thanks to the leisurely release schedule. How is this acceptable, Media Blasters? I know that such things were the norm back in the 80s, when Pioneer made American fans to dangle for 6 months [!] between tapes (it was also a major cliffhanger with Ryoko about to strike and kill sleeping Tenchi). But this is not the 80s anymore. Moreover, considering how quickly DVDs go out of circulation on Neflix, there is very little chance that someone may be able to see all of the series if started late. Pure insanity, honestly.