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Omni’s Last Hurray: the end of Kimi ni Todoke

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Awww, I completely forgot that it’s based on a running manga too! No wonder the ending was rather anticlimactic. Still, remember the original Nodame?

Also! Few people (e.g. Zyl) fingered Aroduc as heir apparent to Omni. But did they even notice that Aroduc did not blog Kimi ni Todoke, one of the best shows of the season? Will all due respect, he (a) has specific interests, (b) works alone (*). The truth is, we do not have a ready replacement for Omni. THAT may take some of the slack, Psgels helps a bit too. But nothing quite so single-minded, concentrated, and consistent.

UPDATE: Aroduc addressed the issue thus:

I know there’s a lot of fuss over Omni retiring lately, but life for theblog-o-muck will go on regardless. I’ll take entertaining myself however I damn well please over being informative or careful not to annoy the rabid fandoms any day of the week. Mocking things is so very very much more fun, and if this ever stops being fun, I’m done with it.

(*) Sage did a small stint as Aroduc’s co-blogger, but was unreliable and otherwise not a success.

RyanA on the end of Nodame Finale

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

At Aloe Dream:

And, that’s it… hmm? Sadly I didn’t find what I was looking for in this end, though I don’t know what that might have been… nostalgia, sentiment, fulfillment? I’m not sure. The lead-up to this end was not bad, but the composition to tie it all together felt quite expected, mechanical, and generic. Gut motive that the manga did not end this way.

Emphasis mine. By the way, I heard that manga ending sucked.

The Ideal Woman

Monday, March 29th, 2010

The anime industry worked on this product for a long time. Dozens of various approaches were taken, but the result always fell short: just a bit too fantastic, too creepy, too unstable, too artificial, or even too ideal.

But our long wait is finally over.

The ideal woman. Just typing these words fills me with awe. Truly I did not expect to see her in my lifetime, or even before the heat death of the universe. And yet, her creation seems accidental, like that of penicillin. All it took was a return to basics.

Bonus frame on Beta-Waffle today

Monday, March 29th, 2010

The strip is a medley on the school newspaper setting.

ABcats (DScats)

Monday, March 29th, 2010

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’m intrigued by Megadaijoubu 3.25. I’m such a meta man. Sure, the art remains what it always was, although DS disposed of the iconic dangos in favor of somewhat more sophisticated drawings. Also, he neglected to provide VGcats-like opposing personalities to the leading duo, so no ABcats apparently. But hey, meta meta is meta. Looking forward to the DScats to travel to Japan for a live-in with 2DT (if Maya could do it…).

Cute Proxy on Ani-nouto

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Saw in a post at Cute Proxy yesterday:

In the course of the catch-up on blogs, I pored over past posts at Ani-Nouto for anything that might interest me.

What irony. Back in 2007 I worked hard to gain this rep, but now that people figured it out, I stopped caring anymore. Folks really need to transition to dedicated news sites such as Gia’s Vice and the like.

End of Hanamaru Kindergarten

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Kuro has the spoilers. In short – GAINAX managed to end the anime off the running manga; certainly it’s no Mahoraba, but I guess nothing is. Another gold star on the resume of Seiji Mizushima, who I mostly know as the director of Dai-Guard.

(In respect to some comments, GAINAX buried the ghost of GAINAX Ending with Gurren-Lagann, so Hanamaru is only significant as a workaround for the original source.)

UPDATE: Yumeka says:

Hiiragi, however, was probably the most unique character – she’s knowledgeable beyond her years without being snobby nor stoic, and yet her intelligence doesn’t interfere with her image as a cute little kindergartner.

I think the moment where Hiragii forgot that her classmates are illiterates was very natural and fitting.

The Gaming Borg

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I honestly thought I would somehow escape, but that was before Nanoha. I do not want anymore.

Working on that Ami true end (there is one, right?).

P.S. Ordered Missing Moon. I think I like the adult girls more.

Netflix stops streaming of a bunch of anime

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Via Nigorimasen comes the news of another bulk streaming shutdown, this time at Netflix. I never used the service, because it required Windows-specific software, but others did (I recall that Nick Istre watched Kurau that way).

We really need another DTO challenger like BOST (R.I.P.).

UPDATE: Nick elaborates, including this:

In truth, I had never used my computer to watch Netflix streaming video, but I have a Samsung Blu-ray player that can also do the Netflix streaming straight to my main A/V stack.

Behold the awesome power of this fully armed and operational market incumbent. The sort of deal-making between A/V equipment makers and the content distributors in the “consumer” space is largely ignored by forward-looking anime fan crowd, but every time I’m reminded that exists, I’m impressed that it’s even possible. If only this power were a force of good.

Illustrations for Danny Choo’s Chinka

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Heard via a shoutout that Danny created an illustration set at Flickr, for those of us into that sort of thing. Of course the most important thing is the story and the ending, and second most important is the characters, and so on. But when the art looks professional it’s a plus. Although, it looks like Danny is not aiming for simplistic expressiveness of Windy Tales, so I hope he has the budget to back up the ambition.