Omni’s Last Hurray: the end of Kimi ni Todoke

March 30th, 2010 by Author

Awww, I completely forgot that it’s based on a running manga too! No wonder the ending was rather anticlimactic. Still, remember the original Nodame?

Also! Few people (e.g. Zyl) fingered Aroduc as heir apparent to Omni. But did they even notice that Aroduc did not blog Kimi ni Todoke, one of the best shows of the season? Will all due respect, he (a) has specific interests, (b) works alone (*). The truth is, we do not have a ready replacement for Omni. THAT may take some of the slack, Psgels helps a bit too. But nothing quite so single-minded, concentrated, and consistent.

UPDATE: Aroduc addressed the issue thus:

I know there’s a lot of fuss over Omni retiring lately, but life for theblog-o-muck will go on regardless. I’ll take entertaining myself however I damn well please over being informative or careful not to annoy the rabid fandoms any day of the week. Mocking things is so very very much more fun, and if this ever stops being fun, I’m done with it.

(*) Sage did a small stint as Aroduc’s co-blogger, but was unreliable and otherwise not a success.