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Flying the Gatakei Banner

Friday, April 30th, 2010

As it happened, I blogged B-gata H-kei before I watched the OP, which introduced the official shorthand “BH”. So, I asked folks at #animeblogger what to call the category slug and someone suggested “Gatakei”. Sadly, I do not remember who it was, especially since I liked the suggestion, adopted it, and used it ever since. Some other people tried to mock me for it, but hey, whatever. And today I found someone else who thought the same: Aorii of Major Arcana. So there. We will multiply and we will prevail.

My greatest fear may be realized

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Seen at Blue-kun‘s twitter:

I think K-ON S2 is not as good as the first. They turned the characters into caricatures of themselves trying to be funny all the time.

I know I should’ve titled it “Bluemist on K-ON2”, but it’s important. And no, I’m not talking about Twitter killing blogging. A bad sequel to K-ON is way more important than a mere paradigm shift on the Internet.

Canne on Hanamaru

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

It almost looks like Canne wants us to persuade to vote for Colony Drop. Not that I would, but look:

The generic plot and unremarkable characters are neither good nor bad. I think it depends on the execution and the circumstance. And it so happened that I was in the mood for something simple and lighthearted. I did have a good time watching Hanamaru Kindergarten.

Right… Azumanga was called all that by them youngins too, and in case of Hanamaru Youchien it may be a legitimate compalint. But the following really gets my blood pressure raising:

Though never too outstanding, the animation was nicely done but I felt that the character design was a little extreme for the children’s part. The kids look cute but they are conspicuously disproportionate; ballooned heads, giant eyes, tiny limbs and no neck (okay, they have necks in some scenes). The strange design is all the more obvious in the scenes that feature both the kids and the adults because the adults’ design uses normal proportion.

Canne really should not watch Manabi Straight, not in the following 5 years anyway. Perhaps then the concepts of “anime art” and “visual expression” will make themselves easier to accept. [You mean the concept of moeblob — Ed. (no, I mean what I mean; also a moeblob is a different thing entirely, see K-ON — Author)]

P.S. I’m going to turn around immediately and complain that Yamamoto’s breasts are too big. And it does not seem like an artistic convetion to me. Yes, I took a hypocritic oath, why?

Yamato Nadeshiko, seriously, JAXA?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

For some reason I missed an official JAXA video posted before STS-131. The intro is really something. Not sure if the following unmodified screencaps give it justice, but here we have “ヤマト・ナデシコ 宇宙へ”, a motion shot of closed eyes, and the blue rose (shown 3 times).

No idea what this messaging was intended to carry, but I guess it’s something to chew on for the people who think that “Yamato Nadesico” equals to “stay in the kitchen and make tea”. Not that they ever would.

The rest of the video is an ordinary interview.

The Minorigate at The Behind

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I’ve read the long post at Behind The Nihon Review with a great interest, but I do not have much to comment on this, except how all of that makes me think that our Child Pornography moral panic is utter bullshit (perpetrated by bible-thumping liberals, not less).

UPDATE: Omo comments.

Former Badger on K-ON

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Among the Martin’s many contortions and passive-aggressive (“commercialized”, “derivative”, “fandumb”, “characters are completely lifeless archetypes [for the majority of time]”), there was one concrete misstep to which he may yet be held responsible with time.

2DT beat me to the punch in highlighting its celebration of transience, which really hightlights how it’s a production that’s wildly popular now but years down the line won’t be as well remembered as the more, how should I say, sophisticated examples of animated TV. I actually think the fact that it’s so disposable is very much in keeping with what it’s portraying (a short phase in the characters’ lives), but also what it’s paying tribute to.

LOL @ the disdain of “shall we say”. Seriously though, the same predictions were made by the seething elitists about Lucky Star. And now? It is still celebrated, still pushes merch.

Of course the life moves on, which was the point of 2DT’s post. Shows that go off the broadcast recede in memory. One day even Bakabt won’t be able to offer a useable torrent. But it’s retarded to try and predict how any particular show will fare in the tail, and Lucky Star is the proof. BTW, 2DT had to post an addendum later.

I made it a point to note how Haibane Renmei continues to delight fans almost a decade down the road. Maybe I should do the same for K-ON when it finally completes, and we shall look at it again in 2023, see who’s been made obsolete.

The power of hate

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Colony Drop is winning over Canne’s with 188 to 185: only 4 votes are needed to reverse despite the vote total being 2 times higher than for the neighbouring match-up.

UPDATE in 2 hours: it’s 196 to 191 for Canne’s. Amazing!

UPDATE: Canne wins.

That Bang Zoom thing?

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Yeah, I heard about it too. Some people attempted rebuttals, but really it’s absolutely nothing new, execept the new twist of the dub/sub split that specifically hurts Bang-Zoom.

UPDATE: Miao adds:

I also predicted that anime companies would suffer as interest in anime decreases. Has it? You betcha. What exists now that didn’t exist in 2002? Mmm… app phones? Facebook? Netflix? Hulu? World of Warcraft? Rock Band? YouTube? Twitter? Farmville? Playboy Channel on Demand? People have even more choices with what to do with their time and money. […]

(The value proposition for anime has always been shitty. $30 for a four episode DVD? When I can buy a whole season of The Office for $30? Or play Torchlight for $20? Or Netflix for $12 a month? Or Hulu for free?)

Heck yes, Farmville killed anime. Do you guys even know how much time it takes? And it took over legions of people who were resistant to WoW. Now when I say, “hey, let’s complete RahXephon“, she says “not now, I need to fertilize”.

UPDATE: Nova adds an international spin (and mind, he’s even fluent in English).

UPDATE: Robert (the ‘R’ in “RACS“) very predictably goes all out for a fellow owner of an obsolete business. I thought he would. There is a bit of a tragedy in the imminent and necessary crash of the best DVD store out there, but the Bang-zoom guy? No sympathies here. The networks’ cadre of American VAs will do fine.

Souvenir from Japan

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Today’s mail delivered an unexpected present, that appears to be a weird desktop calendar for year 2010. I wish I had a cubicle.

It is Lucky Star themed, and very cute (even if Soujirou is included).

Those ABe iPad videos

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I dismissed the videos when they rolled around the ‘sphere as yet another silly iPad astroturfing gimmick, but something in BigN’s post made me look. Forturously he linked some other video, not the one everyone else links, with the pink background.

I find it not a small bit creepy. It’s disturbing to see ABe starting with the eyes. His mastercraft is absolutely mesmerizing though. I saw artists at conventions doing the same thing… and initially it’s hard to tell if it’s any different: same face outline… same eyes… But at one point the style starts seeping in, then cascading in and suddenly you know that this young lady is no Yoshitoshi ABe and no Azuma Kiyohiko. Not even Fred Gallaher. And that your $10 bought you a rather poor commission. And then you do it again.

Anyhow, he is good. I am really surprised that the media switch produced no change to his style. And he adapted to the whatever iPad application in a stunning degree, using his fingers (and nails) to mix effects in on the fly. This is obviously a problem, and I can just see him getting sucked into a vendor lock-in with this. On the other hand, if he transitioned once… So maybe it is not all that bad.

UPDATE 2010/05/11: more.