That Bang Zoom thing?

April 26th, 2010 by Author

Yeah, I heard about it too. Some people attempted rebuttals, but really it’s absolutely nothing new, execept the new twist of the dub/sub split that specifically hurts Bang-Zoom.

UPDATE: Miao adds:

I also predicted that anime companies would suffer as interest in anime decreases. Has it? You betcha. What exists now that didn’t exist in 2002? Mmm… app phones? Facebook? Netflix? Hulu? World of Warcraft? Rock Band? YouTube? Twitter? Farmville? Playboy Channel on Demand? People have even more choices with what to do with their time and money. […]

(The value proposition for anime has always been shitty. $30 for a four episode DVD? When I can buy a whole season of The Office for $30? Or play Torchlight for $20? Or Netflix for $12 a month? Or Hulu for free?)

Heck yes, Farmville killed anime. Do you guys even know how much time it takes? And it took over legions of people who were resistant to WoW. Now when I say, “hey, let’s complete RahXephon“, she says “not now, I need to fertilize”.

UPDATE: Nova adds an international spin (and mind, he’s even fluent in English).

UPDATE: Robert (the ‘R’ in “RACS“) very predictably goes all out for a fellow owner of an obsolete business. I thought he would. There is a bit of a tragedy in the imminent and necessary crash of the best DVD store out there, but the Bang-zoom guy? No sympathies here. The networks’ cadre of American VAs will do fine.