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DiGiKerot on NIS and Toradora

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Speaking at #animeblogger, DiGiKerot said that the ghosting is plainly visible on a PC, less so on a consumer TV (although is present there as well). Since you have to be a real videophile to see all of 625 lines, the ghosting basically becomes obvious during the fast movement only. Also, “it’s a real shame about the video, because the rest of the release looks to be pretty much fabulous”. Not an auspicious debut for NIS in U.S. market, but it could be worse.

UPDATE: He put up a whole post on the topic with large photographs and the screencap of the ghosting effect.

The S.B.Yamato LA trailer

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

You know who was the first in my feedlist to run the trailer? Brickmuppet. He upstaged the Animenation John, Gia’s spawn at AnimeVice, and every other newsblog.

Toradora R1 unboxing

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Kaz e-mailed a pointer to the an unboxing article for NISA’s Toradora, which BTW is not supposed to be available until July 6. Hardcover artbook alongside DVD release, seriously?!

Bakemonogatari Finale… Wait, What?

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Divine posted a recap of ep.15 (heavy spoilers), which apparently was delayed by half a year. In it, he mentioned vampires. Ugh. I hate vampires.

Bake has some of a tortured history here. It excited bloggers when it aired, then there was Cuc’s recommendation, CKS’ blogging and finally the IM@S cross-over. And just as I kinda sorta resolved to bump it up the queue… vampires.

Also, Shaft. I do not have a strict no-Shaft policy in the same way as The Strict No-GONZO Policy, but after Arashi I think I started seeing common faults in what they do. Hidamari hurt them in my eyes too, especially because of side-by-side comparison with GA [1]. It’s not like their wares are bad; neither Arashi nor Hidamari are. But the competition demonstrates very obviously that they are not excellent [2], and with the very little time I have for anime these days, I cannot give Shaft the time of day.

UPDATE: More at Wakaranai. Sneaky Washi never used the v-word.

[1] Of course Hidamari went for 3 seasons, and GA did not. J.Greely has another great example of the same situation with the seasons.

[2] Of what I watched of Shaft, ef ~memo~ came closest to the excellent, and even so it had annoying flaws all over. I am not talking about the idiotic streetlight, but rather the story (I went even worse in the second season).

Juuden-chan CC

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Steven referred to PSP game based on Juuden-chan, Fight-ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! CC. I didn’t know about it, so it’s not on the list of VNs. A game by Russell, JcCC was released on May 27, 2010, just a couple of weeks after the list was made, and almost a year after TDP.

I don’t know if we can conclude that success of TDP prompted a wave or anime knock-offs, but JcCC uses the same voice cast too, including the voiced protagonist. A game-original character is added, Seru Akcyureeta (Cell Actuator?), voiced by Eri Kitamura.

Juuden-chan anime belongs into “bad sexploitation” class together with Strike Witches (if we put Gatakei into “good sexploitation” class), so seeing a PSP game is a little strange. After all “PSP” means “No Sex”. According to Play-Asia, the rating is “CERO B (12+)”. To put it into perspective, TDP had not a single kiss (Ami peeks Ryuuji on the cheek in 100-point end), and was rated “CERO C (15+)”. The trailer has a few gameplay captures in “related videos”, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

J-list sells a LE release for $80-ish that includes a Drama CD, very much out of stock everywhere else.

By the looks of it, JcCC may be something to check out, if I ever fix the power issues in my PSP. On the other hand, having spent 4 months on plugging through TDP, I am not too enthusiastic on going without a walkthrough again.

J.P. on YKK anime

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

When he’s right, he’s right. Also:

But at least I didn’t fall asleep like I did when I tried to watch Mushishi.

Unfortunately, I watched Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou years before Mushishi, so I did not have a chance for such witty comparisons.

SW2 trailers

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Via John, a trailer and fragments of OP and ED are uploaded to the official website. The setting and the story are more of the same (Suwa is missing). It would be a big yawn if I did not remember J2 — the sequel that overturned everything we knew about same-old-same-old sequels. Also, the animation seems prettier, although it may be AIC blowing up the promo smoke.

Cat Shit One at Youtube on 7/17

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

At-freaking-last, or at least so says Dunno what “haishin” (配信) is, but “muryou” (無料) sounds good, even if for one episode only.

John also reports on the trailer, which is really just the stand-up act by Paki and Botatsky. BTW, the former touts a beaten-up “battlefield pick-up” 7.62×39 flat-top (e.g. including the lower that takes AK mags).

Oh Shin, you card

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Shin frolicks across Syndey with his… pillow — in pictures.

More IM@S loot, Hibiki and Takane

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Today’s shipment includes “Break 3” set, which I largely bought for the CD, because manga is too hard, and character CDs for Chihaya and Hibiki (actually a Hibiki/Chihaya combo).

Break 3 belatedly acquainted me with Hibiki and Takane. I was not on the scene when they were introduced, but now I get a feeling that they were sandwiched between the ridiculously popular fist wave of quirky personalities and… even more quirky personalities of the DS idols (hikky, trap, and Ai). I do not want call them “bland”, because they really aren’t, but my first listening impression was of a certain tint of genericity. Also, please pardon my amateur judgements, but Yumi Hara (Takane) and Manami Nakamura (Hibiki) just do not seem as well developed as singers as Akiko Hasegawa (Miki), what to say about the likes of KugiRie!

As you can see, for some reason the 2nd wave are presented as more mature types… Especially Takane is dominating in her woman charms. It’s like Azusa without the creepy obsession with the destined one and the permanent bride stigma. Yet, Takane is only 17 (Azusa was 20 years old). But that’s nothing, Miki was 14 back when she worked for 765, and you just look at the line-up now. Bet the same kind of age gaming is happening on the real idol stage all the time.

UPDATE: Thomas e-mails:

Took a few seconds to register but noticed the second picture is imitating characters from Bakemonogatari. Nice.

Ah, yes. I was just thinking why Hibiki’s left arm is bandaged… The stupid hat is another clue. But most importantly, Takane is holding a stapler! Here’s a primer:

Left to right: Tsubasa (Miki), Nadeko (Iori), Suruga (Hibiki), Mayoi (Yayoi), Hitagi (Takane).

UPDATE: I completely forgot to mention that everything was instigated by Kuro who yarred Break 3 and mentioned listening to it at #animeblogger. I immediately downloaded it too (after the disaster of Master Box IV, I swore off buying untested), and the rest is history. Also, Hikago went to order the box the next day after me, and it was already out of stock. Japaaaaaan.