More IM@S loot, Hibiki and Takane

June 16th, 2010 by Author

Today’s shipment includes “Break 3” set, which I largely bought for the CD, because manga is too hard, and character CDs for Chihaya and Hibiki (actually a Hibiki/Chihaya combo).

Break 3 belatedly acquainted me with Hibiki and Takane. I was not on the scene when they were introduced, but now I get a feeling that they were sandwiched between the ridiculously popular fist wave of quirky personalities and… even more quirky personalities of the DS idols (hikky, trap, and Ai). I do not want call them “bland”, because they really aren’t, but my first listening impression was of a certain tint of genericity. Also, please pardon my amateur judgements, but Yumi Hara (Takane) and Manami Nakamura (Hibiki) just do not seem as well developed as singers as Akiko Hasegawa (Miki), what to say about the likes of KugiRie!

As you can see, for some reason the 2nd wave are presented as more mature types… Especially Takane is dominating in her woman charms. It’s like Azusa without the creepy obsession with the destined one and the permanent bride stigma. Yet, Takane is only 17 (Azusa was 20 years old). But that’s nothing, Miki was 14 back when she worked for 765, and you just look at the line-up now. Bet the same kind of age gaming is happening on the real idol stage all the time.

UPDATE: Thomas e-mails:

Took a few seconds to register but noticed the second picture is imitating characters from Bakemonogatari. Nice.

Ah, yes. I was just thinking why Hibiki’s left arm is bandaged… The stupid hat is another clue. But most importantly, Takane is holding a stapler! Here’s a primer:

Left to right: Tsubasa (Miki), Nadeko (Iori), Suruga (Hibiki), Mayoi (Yayoi), Hitagi (Takane).

UPDATE: I completely forgot to mention that everything was instigated by Kuro who yarred Break 3 and mentioned listening to it at #animeblogger. I immediately downloaded it too (after the disaster of Master Box IV, I swore off buying untested), and the rest is history. Also, Hikago went to order the box the next day after me, and it was already out of stock. Japaaaaaan.