Bakemonogatari Finale… Wait, What?

June 28th, 2010 by Author

Divine posted a recap of ep.15 (heavy spoilers), which apparently was delayed by half a year. In it, he mentioned vampires. Ugh. I hate vampires.

Bake has some of a tortured history here. It excited bloggers when it aired, then there was Cuc’s recommendation, CKS’ blogging and finally the IM@S cross-over. And just as I kinda sorta resolved to bump it up the queue… vampires.

Also, Shaft. I do not have a strict no-Shaft policy in the same way as The Strict No-GONZO Policy, but after Arashi I think I started seeing common faults in what they do. Hidamari hurt them in my eyes too, especially because of side-by-side comparison with GA [1]. It’s not like their wares are bad; neither Arashi nor Hidamari are. But the competition demonstrates very obviously that they are not excellent [2], and with the very little time I have for anime these days, I cannot give Shaft the time of day.

UPDATE: More at Wakaranai. Sneaky Washi never used the v-word.

[1] Of course Hidamari went for 3 seasons, and GA did not. J.Greely has another great example of the same situation with the seasons.

[2] Of what I watched of Shaft, ef ~memo~ came closest to the excellent, and even so it had annoying flaws all over. I am not talking about the idiotic streetlight, but rather the story (I went even worse in the second season).