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Various on Railgun

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Postman‘s bell woke me up today just in time to see this:

<Hitoribocchi> Also, 2D-T makes an astute observation about Railgun
<Hitoribocchi> Who’d thunk that it’s deep? (Not to ridicule the article or the author, but I thought Railgun is something like Senkou no Night Raid in a sense of a failed possibility of a great show.)
<Aroduc> It was. Railgun was awful.
<Aroduc> Although to be fair, Night Raid is far worse.

Back when 2DT actually made the the “technocratic nightmare” observation, I did not even read it, because hey, it’s Railgun, who cares, right? But now I wish to know what he’d say about “Someday’s Dreamers”, an iconic example of magic-capable citizens being chained with sex-offender tokens by the hideous oppressive government, all the while being brainwashed that it’s for their own good (the regulation that establishes the parameters is even called “Mages’ Bill of Rights” — no, really). There was also the stifling bureaucracy and one little man who makes a difference by tabling reports against a mage friend. I thought it was a horrifying, depressing anime, but everyone else thought I was hypersensitive. Railgun makes it easier to latch onto these themes, I think, and it’s surprising just how vast is the majority that lets it slide. Although it’s possible I just didn’t see it. I mean if you start skipping 2DT articles, what are chances?

Astronerdboy and Pizza Hut

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I did not realize that Pizza Hut attacked anime at such a wide front. Even more surprising is that someone would make a post on the subject and not include Code Geass.

Megumi Nakajima’s meteoritic career

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

She has made j1m0ne to pay attention. Indeed, only 3 years in business and already GOH at AX in 2 weeks, confused Hinano with a Vocaloid role, etc. etc.


Monday, June 14th, 2010

First I watched ep.13 of Sunred, in which Red explains how heroes get upgrades in the mid-series in order to fight more powerful enemies, and then I watched ep.23 of Max Heart where… cures receive braces.


Also: the explanation is accompanied by the dramatic music, then Red says “… Deshou?”, pushes the box away, and the music cuts off. It’s a basic trick, but it works.

Lelangir on guitar skills in K-ON

Monday, June 14th, 2010

I am going to requote the whole of the short-post at lelangiric now:

In season 1 episode 5, Yui first learns to play Fuwa Fuwa time in the first position. That’s way down on the fretboard where you can utilize the open strings. It’s a simple beginner’s move because (1) playing open strings in chords is a lot easier and (2) you might not know the notes of the frets up higher on the fingerboard. But in season 1 episode 12 – the final – we see Yui play Fuwa Fuwa time around the 9th position. Accordingly, it’s more difficult because you have to navigate your way around unfamiliar territory and you have no open strings to work with. Great detail.

The breakneck progress of Yui with the guitar raised a few eyebrows back in the day, but I always thought of it as an anime license: if we allow heroes to pilot mecha on pure guts, why not guitar? But hurray for taking it seriously.

UPDATE: Lelangir replied:

i don’t think it’s that “breakneck”. Yui still isn’t really that good. She has latent skills (like perfect pitch), but all she can is, well, strum some palm muted power chords pretty well, which is a perfectly reasonable skill level for someone who’s been playing for two years (and she practices a lot, I take it).

See, that’s my problem. If Mio says the “the opening riff is pretty difficult, yet she’s playing it pefectly”, I have no choice but to believe her.

Canne on Toradora

Monday, June 14th, 2010

It was an ordinary review (spoiling), with just one element that I want to address:

I was a little skeptic about that scene [presumably, the exchange of wedding vows — Author] because I thought the show would end with the two living happily ever after somewhere far away. It would be completely unrealistic and a bad example for teenagers (I sound old, I know). I was not only relief of how things turn out in the end. I was also mesmerized by how mature the ending was.

Bad example for teenagers? I keep being amazed by the way people keep underestimating and/or dismissing the capacity of the other. At least we do not have anyone saying “meh those dumb niggers” anymore, but “teenagers” are a fair game. Canne’s own age makes it ironic, and the fun part is that the author is uncomfortable with the tar-brushing — then promptly blames another other-group (the old) for the groupthink.

The only thing that could make it more delectable if a gamer-rights advocate did it, in the next post after an argument how teenagers are not affected by playing violent video games… but cannot be trusted to watch Toradora (if it included the “completely unrealistic” ending).

I suppose this discussion is bound to pop up whenever we are on topic.

Kaedrin on Tokikake and Mimi o Sumaseba

Monday, June 14th, 2010

In the double-feature post, Mark fingers me for a recommendation which I supposedly never give. In short, he liked them both, although his is a viewpoint of a movie connoisseur, rather than an anime one.

Despite Pete’s recommendation, I found it to be very different from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. While I thought that The Girl Who Leapt Through Time had great pacing and was able to balance between it’s various disparate elements well, Whisper of the Heart doesn’t really have great pacing… because it doesn’t need to. As a story, it’s much more seamless and doesn’t require any sort of balancing act. Now, I do think it’s a bit too long, but in the end, it’s a wonderful story.

He is going to get showered with suggestions to watch Summer Wars now, with a smidge of EVA 2.22 fans or whatnot. Myself? Waiting for Gurren-Lagann dubbed.

ANN licenses Remi, promises more

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Anime News Network announced a few days ago that they licensed Nobody’s Boy – Remi. ANN started streaming a long time ago, initially with trailers. Gradually they started streaming full episodes and series, serving as a streaming agent for existing licensors. They even managed to score Bamboo Blade from Funi (still available despite Funi now having their own streaming). But this time it’s different: they are streaming a series that is not currently licensed (although it was broadcast on cable in Los Angeles). In other words, ANN graduated to a peer and competitor of Funi and Crunchy.

Since we’re at it, remember that Brassleiter was one of the GONZO properties that BOST (Rest In Peace) used to stream, alongside Strike Witches. Since it’s not a streaming virgin, Brass was easy. While also being streamed, SW is a hot property now, and is not yet within the reach of ANN, but give it time.

In the same announcement ANN promise more to come, including Pretty Cure, which is available at Crunchyroll. Apparently that license was not exclusive, so count me surprised, unless we’re about to discover another “clerical error”. I noticed that because of the scandalous way in which Crunchy cancelled the DTO while I was buying Precure, which was incomplete to begin with! ANN offers no DTO, so they are really no better than Crunchy and I do not know who they expect to watch it when Crunchy clearly has a better infrastructure.

Martinman on Gatakei 10

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

I have utmost respect for Aroduc’s blogging, but somehow the write-up on Choco Syrupy Waffles was funnier than the one by the lord of episodics. And Martin(man) sure did it all to illustrate how Gatakei turns the sexploitation knob to 99.

I’m so totally watching this show one day. You know, when I’m done with Max Heart, Onetwi, Full Moon, etc. etc.

Mitsudomoe PV2

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Via John, the second trailer for Mitsudomoe is made available at the official site.

I am afraid it looks very much like Hyakko and that makes me very concerned.