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Sorakake begins

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I tried to watch Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo before, but it did not go well, purely for technical reasons. There was an issue with fansubs, and the dialog is too difficult for me to take raw. Fortunately, the anime is old enough to pop at Bakabt now, so that problem is no more.

Raging Lesbians Check!

And the result? I stand by my past evaluation. It’s a wonderfully robust series, the kind I really wanted to see in the sea of romantic comedies, sophomoric comedies, and slice-of-life comedies. The way the plot zig-zags ahead reminds me about the things that were said about Geass, but I don’t care. As long as it romps, even huge plot holes do not bother me.

Miyafuji, is that you?

Speaking of bother, I am honestly surprised how little I am bothered by the weird character designs. Faces are strangely mis-shapen all the time, but it’s all right. Well, I was unconcerned with heads in Manabi, too.

One other design observation: many characters are dressed pretty much like Strike Witches, but it’s all right too: a) not a fetish, b) space fashion!

The voicework is not taking any scalps, but what’s funny is how some of it is instantly recognizable. I guessed correctly at Takaya Kuroda as the voice of Kinoshita in Rocket Girls, and at MAKO as Yurie-sama of Kamichu. On general grounds, Aya Endo should be complimented for her handling of Itsuki.

Never piss off Imo-chan.

I am already making favourites, even though I know it’s going to end badly. Itsuki (the cop) is deliciously direct. The setup is like Full Metal Panic, only the individual in question is not a dumb comic relief. But also, you know what? Nami (psychotic sister) needs a good hug, and I hope she’s getting one.

These two need donuts badly.

Side characters are pretty neat too. The joke duo of beat officers is just like the same from Magical Play, but in the nicest possible way. Privately I expect something similar in case of the two inept assassins who are afraid of blood — Miu and Bu. I want Julio and Neneko (classmates) to have a bright future too.

Finally, I remember how much was made of Leopard’s balls by bloggers. I didn’t even blink at it. Look, this season they broadcast an anime about hamster called “Nipples”. My expectations were thoroughly reset by the Ambitious Japan in the past year.

Damien Kellis on K-ON2 17

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Moe Check:

Ui is all kinds of adorable, though. I wonder why she doesn’t join the Light Music Club, especially since she’s even more awesome at guitar than her sister… actually, I think I answered my own question.

I really need to catch up on this show.

P.S. There’s a fanfic by Jo-Ryan Salazar that swaps Yui and Ui.

Mitsudomoe 05

Friday, July 30th, 2010

The pendulum swings from disgusting to perverted in this episode, even though I think getting the first bra is a serious business, and could’ve been played so in some other anime. But of course, it’s Marui triplets we’re talking about here. Where Sugisaki went shopping with her mother, Mitsuba was left to her own devices… And then Futaba got into the picture… The usual.

BTW, the herd of mothers was nicely done. Unfortunately, I am having trouble guessing who is who, except for the dogface family.

UPDATE: Oh Aroduc you card:

Part 1 was Mitsuba going bra shopping after getting into an argument with classmate Miku over who was the more physically mature of the two. Lord knows neither are emotionally mature.

But not just that. I was shocked, shocked at the content of Mitsuba’s essay. No, really.

Rocket Girls book in English

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

DiGi tipped me that ViZ announced a Rocket Girls book (Amazon has no cover yet).

The cover Yukari looks very different from either the definitive anime or the original book, but I suppose it’s not the first reimagining: we had the anime pilot and CD covers before. A surprisingly fruitful franchise, as far as diversity is concerned.

Ubu on Sekirei S2

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


While the first two episodes were a bit off the manga, it appears that their main use was to “re-rail” it back onto track.

This is what I was afraid might happen and it is a major disappointment. Remember Ranma½? That is pretty much what awaits Sekirei now, except that it’s not going to be 7 seasons. Zero no Tsukaima only managed 3.

Now aside from all the jiggle and family issues, the show is pretty entertaining. The comedy is reasonably intelligent, although Kazehana goes a bit overboard [..]

Yeah, whatever.

Otou-san on Nanoha A’s

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Purely for humour value, since my own position is hardly going to change:

Finally finished Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s. It had been built up quite a bit as something mindblowingly cool by a lot of people, but at the end I was still left feeling… like I’d watched a magical girl series. Everyone said everyone else’s name a lot, no one really gets hurt, and all the evils of this world (and others) can be solved by making friends.

But, but… But Kaedrin said:

But all of that is beside the point. In the end, I simply can’t deal with the creepy lolicon stuff. There isn’t that much of it in the series, but it’s about evenly spread throughout, so that every time I felt myself getting comfortable with the story, they’d throw a creepy transformation deck at me and I’d be right back where I started.

Did they watch the same anime?

Shameful Otaku Secret uncovered

Monday, July 26th, 2010

And the secret is apparently that he can’t stop blogging. Not that I am dumping on that, because I pretty much did the same thing before. That said, Tumblr is probably the worst place to reappear due to its ridigness. But at least it’s not MAL (because it’s where dead bloggers go to die, among which none is more missed than IKnight).

Regarding the Dead Girls Rule, it’s actually not my own idea. I picked it at SDB’s Futue Series list.

Toshiko Akiyoshi

Monday, July 26th, 2010

I went to see a Q/A with A.B. Spellman, which I gather is an annual affair where he gets to interview someone in front of an audience. The format is somewhat similar to a TV talk show. This time his interlocutor was Toshiko Akiyoshi, who is apparently a preeminent Jazz pianist and composer.

With no interest in Jazz, I enjoyed the session in my humble weaboo ways, primarily for the reference value. During the occupation, Mrs. Akiyoshi had to build her repertoire by listening to records, which were ludicrously expensive at 3,000 en each. At the time they had some of them playing as restaurant music, so she visited coffee shops and did her best to jot down the score, like an ancient Josh Agarrado. She also mentioned the Live House system, which, as we know from K-ON, exists to this day.

There was quite a bit more, such as a discussion of the luck and timing, which of course Nodame covered. One particularly funny thing was how A.B. attempted to talk what it was to be a 17-year old girl playing Jazz in postwar Japan (watched too much Basball Girls in Age of Toushou perhaps). Toshiko pushed back hard. She said there was such a lack of musicians that nobody cared if you were a girl or what you were, just as long you could play, and that nobody ever made anything out of it. Oh, my.

Finally, a dude in the audience tried to broach a subject of get Akiyoshi Big Band recordings released on iTunes. I knew what the answer would be since the problem is common in anime circles. I heard it discussed at Yoko Ishida’s panel once, for example. Basically, it’s a hell on a stick to get rights from the Japanese or even know who has the rights. In Mrs. Akiyoshi’s case RCA/Victor owns most of it, so only the first applies, but even so nobody succeeded so far.

WAH on Dai Sato

Monday, July 26th, 2010

I feel like I lampooned the account at Otaku2 as mad ravings of vintage member of Japaneze intelligenzia, but don’t remember where: perhaps it was IRC. But that was in jest, WAH is more serious about it. I would say we are in complete agreement, except that WAH puts his faith in Shaft and I do not. Regarding the avenues of entry for the talent, I also think doujishi (including animated ones) are playing a big role. Anyway, read it all.

Chatters on Kara no Kyokai

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

I was saving this for the time I blog Kara no Kyokai for myself, but it is not likely to happen ever, so here goes:

<hikago|sleep> @digi: I usually just summarize as: “Distraught floating girl is enraptured by her own defeat and kills herself. Guy makes delicious black coffee. Exceptional music.”
<DiGiKerot> Either that, or I have five copies of the same movie on my bookshelf and I just keep falling asleep at different points whilst watching it.
<zaitcev> Haha

<zaitcev> to both messages

<hikago|sleep> “cat fights and beautiful but tensionless massacre of ghosts”

(reminded by Canne)