Kampfer’s continuation

August 9th, 2010 by Author

The ANN announcement (h/t Andy James) notes that the light novels are over after 12 volumes. I suppose that’s good news for the anime storyline. The problem for me is how I heard somewhere on the Internet that the identify of Kaede Sakura and the nature of Moderators were not adequately explained in any of the innumerable volumes. Not good, if true.

Another thing, the anime itself changed its tone significantly in the course of just one cour. Initially it was supposed to dig into the mystery at least to some extent (with Shizuku investigating), but gradually turned into a farce, even with moments of epic with the stuffed animals singing Ode to Joy and the like. Exactly how is the series supposed to get on track now?

I really wish there were some good news, but I cannot even be cautiously optimistic about this.