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Oh Edo Rocket begins

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Don’s very miscellaneous post reminded me about this wonderful exception to the “Funi only licenses garbage” rule. Unfortunately, stupid Funi haven’t shipped DVDs, so streaming is the only option. IMHO anything on ANN is not recommended (their player and CDN work poorly too often). The choice of the new generation is Youtube. Naturally Funi being Funi made it as hard as possible: there is no way to find the show by browsing their titles, but a search brings it to episodes, and there’s a playlist in “related”. So yeah… Honestly I’m not surprised that numbers of views are in low hundreds.

Strictly speaking, I opened Oh Edo Rocket before, but something didn’t click. Also, it wasn’t blogged, but I watched the final episode, so I know how it ends. But it was long ago, and my impression now is rather different. For example the character art does not bother me (O-Nui is rather cute, actually). Perhaps Sunred softened me up to the concept. I’m already 2 episodes in.

P.S. Speaking of the “overuse of -de”, there’s a small personal story to it. Back in Delta College, an exchange student helped out us a bit. We called him Kaneshiro-san. One of his lessons was to use the -de. Kaneshiro-san said: “We Japanese do not say: `Bla bla bla desu. Bla bla desu. Bla bla arimasu.’ That does not flow well at all. Take that desu and convert it to -de: `Yak yak-de, yak yak-de, yak yak desu.’ That flows much better!” But what do you know, Oh Edo Rocket teaches us not to overdose on this technique.

Miao on Mitsudomoe

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

I found it by accident today, so the post is almost a month old. So, what does a fan of Minami-ke have to say?

Mitsudomoe is definitely a poor man’s Minami-ke. Sure, it’s funny, but the humor isn’t as brilliantly understated as Minami-ke. But it’s not bad too… I enjoy the breaking of others genre, so Mitsudomoe fits into that nicely. Except lack of Haruka is amazing, lack of Hosaka, and lack of Mako-cakes. And that’s why it’ll just be the poor man’s Minami-ke.

Since I hate the “brokenness” angle, and I dropped Minami-ke after 2 episodes, Mitsudomoe works just about fine for me. Even if we suppose that “briliantly understated” was not just a view through fanboi’s glasses.

Heartcatch Precure candy

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I was not as surprised as the last time, but it’s a sort of notable how long it takes for the candy seasons to change in America after the broadcast seasons change in Japan. It was still Fresh in June.

It may be just me, but the designs get worse with every season. Honoka, Cure White, where are you? See also the All Stars DX2 reviews at Karmaburn and Beta-waffle.


Friday, August 20th, 2010

This is so LOL that I have to quote Aroduc at length:

Just as a quick FYI, the primary broadcast for Mitsudomoe was CBC up until last week. Their broadcast skipped a week for whatever reason (as did the next one on Saturday on MBS), so now the primary broadcast for the show is on Sunday mornings (US time) on Tokyo MX. The confusing part is that Crunchyroll didn’t get the message and blithely posted it last Friday as usual, two days before the episode aired.

I think this could only happen if someone in Japan distributed them the master for the translation. Therefore, either it’s a clerical error in Japan, or the decision to skip was taken by the TV execs in 24 or so hours before the scheduled broadcast.

UPDATE: Comments at Japanator make it clear that the video was taken down soon after the mishap and reinstated a few days later.

Lelangir points to papers

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Seen in Lelangirs GRSI, links to a couple of papers:

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to dig into these right now, but what I skimmed is rather lulz. There was the Lessig worship (and outright misconceptions about what lessig actually wrote), being led by the nose by Japanese liberals with an agenda, and more. Mental note: ask 2DT and J.P. for a critique.

WAH on Mitsudomoe

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I cannot put a finger at it exactly, but something about WAH’s little essay on Mitsudomoe feels a bit… unfinished. I do think he is right not to include or address any of the stock criticisms. Most of them were rather shallow anyway — excuses by the shamefully offended. But it’s as if he was in a great hurry, and so instead of reformulating the sentence with “anime composer” he simply slapped braces on the problem and declared it done.

On the substance side, this was symptomatic:

Mitsuba’s sadistic tendencies always come complete with a perfectly rendered sneering expression, sometimes highlighted with a touch of drool, and a seductive and bratty show put on by seiyuu Takagi Ayahi. Futaba’s unreal strength is portrayed as unrelentingly destructive. Rather than being cartoonish, her destruction of desks, walls, and public property is always portrayed as realistic and brutal, underscored by painful sound effects. Furthermore, her enthusiasm for breasts is driven home wonderfully by an energetic performance by Akesama Satomi that pulls no punches. Hitoha’s evil eyes are rendered with the utmost amount of detail every time, complete with dark shadows and at times a gloomy aura that radiates off her every pore. And like the rest of her sisters, Tomatsu Haruka’s performance is sharp, cold, and deadpan, but considerate when need be. I don’t doubt that some of these elements are present in the original, but the anime’s attention to detail when portraying these kind of character quirks (not just amongst the main girls, but everyone) along with the voice acting (which is of course not present in the original) is what gives Mitsudomoe its charm.

He is damn right here, but… is anything missing? Anyone? Well, my answer is: Mitsudomoe actually goes beyond WAH’s praise and lets the characters to display more than the basic outline above. In case of Hitoha, her care for Nipples the hamster was the obvious outlet, but now we get the Gachi Rangers and perhaps more if screen time allows. Mitsuba was not only accidentally caring for Futaba, but also keeping the old cloth pencil case (I am discounting the refusal to kill the cicada as a special case, TBD). Futabla only has the father relationship, but it works too. All three are shown having something more than fits the intro card.

I think WAH knew it, and perhaps did not even forget while belting out the quoted tirade. But it already was overlong, and the character development I am talking about probably originates in the manga, while his thesis was the anime-specific development. So he omitted it. But I think it must be said, to be linked when some lazy Charles Solomon of animeblogging brings up poor characterization.

One scene in particular I’m thinking of is when the sisters’ father cleans up for parent’s day, and ends up looking like a yakuza thug.

So this is why all the MILFs were giving him that space.

It’s Complicated

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

A funny coincidence in the choice of words by two bloggers replying at the same post (which, oddly enough, does not use the word).


Really, is that much so complicated? I feel like a lot of the “U ARE WRONG” talk is a thinly guised response to [..] For instance, if you want to attempt at empiricism, K-ON is pretty complicated. Can we explicate all (or at least some) of the various feelings the show elicits?


No, “U&I” is more than all this: it is friendship, plain and simple a kind of friendship that is actually fairly complicated.

Emphasis mine.

Cameos galore in Ookami-san 08

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Our Japanese comrades captured them, while Aroduc’s automatic capping fell on its face (h/t Washi).

SDB on AsoIku

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I wish a blogger expended this kind of intellectual effort on series that I liked in the season[1]. But it’s a rarity. Come to think of it, the last time I remember was 2DT’s take on Video Girl Ai (and IKnight on StrikerS years before that). Usually a blogger who wants to talk this sort good meta is too immature, and anyone who is capable goes into hard tangents (or worse, generic anti-moe rants and the like[2]).

[1] In particular, getting a few grafs on Mitsudomoe would be welcome, but it wasn’t even worth to make roll call like for Arashi. Perhaps it offends anyone with a taste.

[2] The latest fad seems to bash “slice-of-life”.

Full Moon OP deja vu

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I was saving the netflixed DVD of Full Moon for later and heard the OP while checking the episodes. Surprise, surprise, I am sure I heard it somewhere… Like in one of the classical sweepers at JAR! I always thought that it was a Judy & Mari number, but ANN says “THE*SCANTY”. Never heard of them. Wiki suggests it’s a 2-album wonder that burned out in 2 years. Now it’s the choice of a collector’s import for $50 or antology of random for ~$25 (although this one has J&M too).