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(No) Bloggers on Oh Edo Rocket

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I seem to recall quite a bit of discussion when OER just came out, but finding much now turned out difficult. Google was entirely useless, and I resorted to specific searches across the top blogs in my feedreader.

Naturally, Don had the lead with material such as the musical note:

The soundtrack is distinctive. About half of it is big-band swing; the rest is mostly swing/rock hybrids, with a bit of pseudo-flamenco here and there. I don’t know how well it will sustain repeated listenings, but in small doses it’s fun.

This sounds like a true meloman speaking, but actually he did mis-identify the style as “jazz” at first, as did just about every other blogger (except Bateszi, by virtue of being vague).

UPDATE 2010/10/03: CKS says that it was adapted from a stage play of all things.

Seiji Mizushima

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Accidentially noticed his name at ANN while looking at the chart for Oh Edo Rocket… Of course I knew him, he directed Dai-Guard. One click shows that he also worked on Hanamaru and old FMA. Not sure if Gundam 00 is to his credit of a genius director though.

P.S. OER also has Rie Kugimiya as Shunpei, Norio Wakamoto as Torii, and Romi Park as O-Ise. I didn’t even recognize them.