Aroduc on the Internet (and OreImo 02)

October 9th, 2010 by Author

Writing about OreImo 02, Aroduc employs sarcasm (I think):

I also found it amusing how within seconds of visiting a message board, they found a nice and friendly group for her insted of a pack of deviants and rapists. To say nothing of getting a longwinded response seconds later before heading off to meet said group. Are we on the same internet here? Remember kids, you too can meet friends on the internet, and they won’t rape or murder you at all!

I dunno, nobody whom I met on the Internet raped or murdered me. Even if that is accounted by their concern that I would shoot them twice in the center of mass if they tried, Internet’s track record is positive here.

Seriously though, in Chobits such an encounter was made to make sense.