Avatar on (Miki) Noda

November 25th, 2010 by Author

Avatar comes out with a curious note:

I wasn’t originally thinking about Tomokane, though. Noda’s the one with the jerk character. Even that’s not really fair – it’s more accurate to say that she’s creative to the point of froth, and she goes with her ideas. But she goes with them with total disregard of the people around her. The other characters will occasionally have an out-there idea and think about it for a bit, then put it aside. Noda thinks of that idea and goes straight to implementation.

The yaminabe incident is illustrative of this. Noda comes up with a screwball idea, everyone goes along with it, chaos(-nabe) ensues, Noda tries to sneak out of the consequences.

You know, he’s right. I am wondering now what made me eat all of it. I suppose, the princess was adorable, and was eased in gently. The suggested sleep part was pure brilliance.

It was also great that Noda was made to deal with the consequences of the nabe incident. But of course it’s not going to leave a lasting impression. It’s just the kind of person the princess is. Fortunately, I am not going to marry her.