DM on Miku

November 25th, 2010 by Author

DM weighs in with many paragraphs that basically demand higher video fidelity. This is representative:

Her screen-projected concerts are not so much endearing as amusing; It’s something fresh and flashy, but after the first time it offers no obvious value over watching this YouTube video [Ievan Polkka] twenty times. That’s because seeing Hatsune Miku as an idol requires a suspension of disbelief far greater in magnitude than that required for a typical mass-produced humanoid idol. This is why virtual idols (and I suppose this does include anime characters in general) will remain a tiny niche for as long as display and rendering technology fail to convincingly fool our brains into giving willing fans an easier time to live in our selfish fantasies.

While true as far as it goes, in my case all of it is immaterial, because the tracks that I buy at Amazon do not include video. DM looks into the Muku’s multiplicity and universality, but very tentatively, and mostly from the “prosumer” angle. But it’s not like I make Miku tracks.

A comparison with IM@S may be instructive, since it’s a similarly synthetic idol system, but one that does not permit a creative fan participation to the degree Miku does. There aren’t even pressures to expand it. I mean, where is IM@S’s UTAU? Last time I checked there was no ODORU, not even for Linux.