Omo on Miku

November 25th, 2010 by Author

Shredding the flow of his article to pieces, I’d like to comment on these:

Miku is not the first virtual idol. But she’s by far the most successful one. DM suspect it is because of that memetic aspect of Miku, and I agree, but that’s the just start. I think Miku, specifically, is like a brand and an enabler, giving lone composer-producer types the power to generate commonly-acceptable vocals that taps into an existing fan base.

Even so it’s notable how pros rule the roost. I tasted or sampled close to 100 Miku tracks, and it’s clear to me that Sososo and Biri are simply better than generic amateurs at making Miku sound well.

Idols cannot do their idol things by themselves. She or he is just a gear in the idol biz cog. It’s probably most telling when the creator of AKB48 is looking to license his franchise. In other words, it’s a business method. It takes a lot of people to run an idol business. It takes Producer-san to make IdolM@ster tick, right?

He means “make an idol of IM@S tick”, I suspect, but yes. Anime is the pinnacle of this achievement really. Without a gigantic enterprise it would not exist as we know it today.

If we talk about “the thing fans fawn over” I think DarkMirage has got some good points. I just find it a little disingenuous partly because of my own previous experience of talking about this–most people who give me that virtual idol vibe as described above tend to be a little bit, shall we say, outside of the demographics of idol fans. In other words, they are rarely actual idol fanatics, if at all ever. In fact I’ve yet to find one who is actually the kind of people who would pay big bucks for a handshake session with a real idol, or listen to trashy pop music all the time (which is 98% of what most idol pumps out this day and age). So when these sort of people criticize Miku for being “not like a real idol” or if there’s a gap and that Miku is “not quite there yet,” I wonder if that is actually a good thing?

Omo himself permits of traditional idol fans hitching to Miku’s cart, and I think that people who attended the “Live” were just that. But I would not go near it. The interesting question is who is in control, who votes stronger with their wallets?