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Nova on PSG

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

He seems not enthralled:

Thus the most experimental show in the season grinds to an end. It was about time too as it was steadily losing steam over its run.

… however…

PSG was a nice change to the usual anime routine and the various tricks Gainax was playing around with were worth witnessing out of pure scientific curiosity. It’s not the top comedy but a good experience in itself.

This reminded me that I did actually watch an episode of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt… But I could find no evidence of it! There was no paper notes, no pad-anime.txt notes, no archived notes and no screencaps. I only remembered for sure that it was a rather unimpressive show with Cartoon Network aesthetics from 1990s, with only positive being the sudden transformation sequence… I was starting to wonder if it was a false memory, when I found it in the Crunchy’s history:

Here’s a highlight:

But the henshin deck only took a few seconds.

Spiraling into the nasty

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

The NSFW post by a new writer at CSW does its utmost to establish the stereotypes of eroge as the vehicle of violence against women and thus does very little to interest me in the area. Choux was a more effective ambassador.

P.S. CSW is already on notice after their dubious editorial policies manifested (NSFW too). You know, I already read 180+ anime blogs…

HSA on Kurage-hime 10

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Authors and commenters at Hey Say Anime agree: there is no way for this show to end in one episode. Also, hilarious screencaps.

Although I want to make one thing clear: the anime/manga habit of having people slap each other all the time is so effin’ annoying!

You mean they don’t do it all the time in real-world Japan? That’s a relief.

Rewatching Lucky Star

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

This turned out to be the greatest linguistic challenge yet. I maybe get 5% of what’s being said. The problem is mostly in the casual. Vocabulary, certainly, but the turns of phrase are odd and the sentences are so long that I cannot keep up. There is very little action to back the talking heads, too.

I am using the family enterainment stack for this, and quality is rather bad. It may be some undesirable interaction between my DVD player and TV, which are linked with a component cable at 480p, but the saw edge is awful on many lines. It gets much worse when I pause, as the player fails to deinterlace. Undoubtedly, I have bad equipment. On the other hand, this was not an issue with Haruhi, so something in the way Lucky Star was mastered makes this effect heavily pronounced.

Here’s a zoom of the above picture:

Bad enough for a pocket camera to capture it. It also captured the 4:3 burn-in outline in the full-size picture.

P.S. Shiraishi really was a star back then, but I completely forgot about him. I wonder, what has happened to him?

UPDATE: Hit an easy episode right before Yutaka appeared.

Choux’s screen

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

In before an avalanche of spoiling screencaps, one observation:

Today, I have come across an epiphany: one of the reasons that I read a lot of VNs is because my computer can’t play HD anime. Now, I have a new computer which allows me to watch 1080p videos on a glorious 55 inch flatscreen, and suddenly I don’t have the urge to even glance at Da capo anymore.

Actually, just one:

Almost makes me give the silly movie a chance.

It takes all kinds

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Samu-kun writes:

For over a year we waited for the anime adaptation of the great visual novel, Yosuga no Sora. And now, after its passing, we can now all sigh in relief – our wait was not in vain.

Any commentary would cheapen the lulz.

Kyon and ambiguity

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

I heard that the recently pirated Haruhi movie, in which I have no interest otherwise, made it clear fairly explicitly that Kyon actually likes all the bullshit (and apparently wants it back when it stops or something like that). He’s still a battered husband, but a voluntary one, like the majority of them.

Keeping it in mind, I rewatched the original DVDs (6 episodes, of course). I have to say, the official story is just fine. But it was a nice bonus that the presentation was ambiguous, especially if you like to play with your dolls, even virtually.

Shinbo’s murky past

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

The post at BigN’s (by one of his minons) touts the trademark Shinbo’s checkerboard pattern. It reminds me about the WAH’s best comic from his Shinbo obsession phase, where Shinbo is hard at work as a director:

STAFFER: How’s this cut, director Minamizawa?
SHINBO (incognito): I’am not really feeling the pain of her cherry being popped with this expression. Also, make sure the background is a checkerboard pattern.

Sorry for giving away the punchline, but everyone have seen that strip, right?

Courtship training and VNs

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

This is going to double on previous post, but Steven also stated the following:

The real hook is this idea that expertise in playing dating games somehow prepares you for real life romantic endeavors, and I found that idea utterly ludicrous.

Unfortunately, arguing the point seriously would entail going too deep into my sordid past. Suffice it to say that I am convinced in the merits of eroge as a training aid, although less so in ability of boys taking advantage of it. Most would probably play it down the fastest route to CGs, so whatever rubs off on them coincidentially is the benefit. Also various titles offer varying degree of behavioural fidelity, and reviews generally gloss over it, except roughly segregating into “suitable for PSP” and “pr0n”.

UPDATE: Can’t give the discussion justice right now, but I would like to note that a flight training device, as discussed in CFR 14 §61.64, does not have a “story line”. Your friendly Part 141 instructor “sets up a situation”, usually including a nasty inflight emergency, and there may be events as the time passes. And then you do it again and again until proficiency is attained at an acceptable level.

UPDATE: Is it wrong that I LOLed at this:

<Moogy> holy crap you have to register for this site to comment on it
<Moogy> and i just wrote this big rant

Comments, the evil.

Human Vocals

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

I was listening to “Alive” at an IM@S CD, and it struck me how Haruka Tomatsu can take plainly insane notes for Ai Hidaka. If Miku did that, I would say “pfft, how fake”, but Miss Tomatsu is a living person. I don’t go to opera often, but I am sure she would be competitive. Talk about talent buried.

UPDATE: J. says that TomaHaru also moonlights as a bikini model. It’s unclear to me which career started first, but I am firmly convinced that can sing. And if she is also cute, what’s the harm in that?