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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

IMHO the biggest issue with Steven’s approach to TWGOK is the way it’s being lumped together with Yosuga no Sora. He finds a custom excuse to dismiss it later (“insults intelligence”), but the structure of the post makes me suspect that its destiny was sealed beforehand. Note that at no point Steven implied that TWGOK was an eroge adaptation, which it indeed is not, but the progression…

Even if it were, it could be fine. Generally I had good luck with eroge adaptations. The ef ~melo~ was perhaps the best Shinbo thing I ever watched (45 posts in category!). To Heart is an undying classic. Sure, Yoakena was let down by poor writing, but Feena left a deep impression. The secret here is to avoid drek like Yosuga no Sora. It’s not like it’s hard to know what it what.

Getting back to TWGOK, I heard it was quite nice. Jessi’s fits only add to the flavour, she hates all good shows. I used to catalogue her grotesque reactions at Ani-nouto before getting bored of them. My only problem with TWGOK is that the manga is ongoing, so we’re not getting a decent ending.

It may yet transpire that I open TWGOK and it turns sour right away, but at least I give it a chance, eroge tropes or not.

UPDATE: Chris reminds about the “monster of the week” nature of TWGOK.

DM on Ishihara ordinance

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

I have already twittered the article, but the matter may be consequential, ergo reblog. I tuned out people who were worked up, so DM’s theatrise is timely. Executive summary:

Contrary to what certain easily-excitable individuals [link: Sankaku] may proclaim, this is not a ban and this is not the end of the anime. But it will certainly pose a huge problem to the industry.

Make sure to read the update at the bottom, where he has to backtrack to “all in all, this issue seems to be worthy of protest and improvement but it is nowhere close to an end-game scenario for the industry []”.

DM goes on quite a ways about the issues in already-existing 18+ industry. This makes me think that I need to explore the field. My previous investigations demonstrated that whatever was lauded for stories (from Aoi Kana to Honeymoon Salad) was blatant pr0n nonetheless, with stories tacked on as a fig leaf. But with Tokyo government working to squeeze some of the content, it ought to overflow into the 18+ area despite the commercial disadvantage DM was talking about. Maybe I can find it.

Also, LOL:

It appears that the law is not as far-reaching as suggested by initial reports. Since homosexuality is perfectly legal in Japan, this means that yuri and yaoi are safe for now.


Sunday, December 12th, 2010

I re-uploaded the (in)famous pad-anime.txt, which is basically everything I know about anime (ok, not quite: old notes are removed for archival). A diff is also included, for those computer-minded. As an experiment, there is a colorized diff for those not computer-minded, although honestly I’m not sure it’s any help.

Peter S resigns for now

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Oh what the eff, I just put him on the blogroll a month or so ago. Nonetheless, as he puts it, “life changes” happened. The skinny:

* He was a librarian, and that field is circling the drain.

* He was going to become an IT peon, but in a perversely lucky way didn’t have the resources to ruin his life.

* He is 50 (almost SDB’s age!), so no JET.

* He is going to teach English in China.

* His blog is officially blocked by The Great Firewall of China.

I think he’s going to wean off anime while cut off. It happens to most in these circumstances. China is going to be tough, those xenophobes are even worse than Japanese, plus they are completely unethical (basically steal everything and double-cross you at every turn, so get paid cash after every lesson or never). Going in without working Chinese seems too bold for me, but fortune favours the bold, so good luck to him.

Kurage-hime 01-02

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

I meet the ghastly pall casted by Railgun by binging quickly on a variety of anime that were marked in the queue. Kurage-hime is one, selected because someone mentioned derisively how it was about “ugly nerd women” (I think it might have been Nobar, or maybe Sage).

Regrettably, the show went into suspension after 2 episodes. It feels exquisite, and may be perfect for those seeking something different from 10th thousandths pandering vehicle. But I am not enthralled with it the way I was with Oh Edo Rocket.

About the only technical problem with Kurage-hime that I noticed was how Tsukimi stands out from The Sisterhood. Even visually she suffers from receiving too much love by the character designer and artist implementors. In a sense it’s normal for leads to stick out, e.g. compare the way Sadako is drawn versus Yano in Kimi ni Todoke. However in this case, in story terms, Tsukimi is supposed to blend in! It’s not going to be the story of Ugly Duckling who is also Judas, right?

Welcome back Otou

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

The return announcement makes some pleasing points about not having comments and such, and he has already proven to be more serious than Orion about it.

P.S. I lied, in the sense that he liked having comments:

As that became more and more clear, some of the more “normal” metrics for success started tickling at me again: Are people reading me? How can I have a conversation about this without comments? Who’s linking here? The walled garden, with its simple structure and tons of limitations, was unfortunately affecting me.

Face. Palm. But it’s ok, we love you anyway.

How history repeats

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

We all heard how history repeats itself twice: first as a tragedy and then as a farce. Nothing illustrates the marxim better than the way Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! follows upon Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (or so it seems before the season starts).

Infinite Stratos

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

The Infinite Stratos‘ concept should have been applied to Strike Witches if AIC writers had a modicum of imagination. Too late now. Except in fanfics.

UPDATE: Steven is concerned:

Pete has an idea. I’m leery. Who’d want to watch a guy flying around without any pants on? (Ick)

If I remember right, it was ok for men in SW universe to wear pants. Some Fuso servicemen even wore shorts, which should not interfere with operation of a Striker unit.

Commenters seem to take it a different way, assuming a rough equivalence — Rough Rowdy Boys for Power Puff Girls, if you will. I assumed that such freak of nature would be exceedingly rare, as in the premise of IS [And Kampfer‘s, too — Ed.].

UPDATE: Now he’s answering seriously and says that adding the guy in the mix would’ve turned the show into a harem. This is again not quite what I had in mind, although I realize that anime industry as we know it is institutionally incapable of producing a show that focuses outside the formula. It is not likely to be a success, and who wants to exchange the pandering money for critical acclaim? Not even Shinbo.

The past has some hints how it could be approached. Remember, for instance, Hanaukyo Maid Team, which took upon issues of trust. It also stayed true to harem formula. The difference with today is, nobody would try even that much.


Saturday, December 4th, 2010

It does not seem like much of interest happened while Ani-nouto was down. Nanoha movie? Meh. Another IM@S V2 preview came out, was kinda cute, but same old, and not enough Makoto… And don’t get me started on Yurina Hase‘s retirement (Credible murder threats? Seriously, some fucking scum in Japan). Anyhow… I noticed something at Tappan’s. Watched an episode of Potemayo and Pita Ten, neither was very exciting. Potemayo in particular was a bad letdown after SDB’s fanboying, I am kinda concerned for Railgun now. Jagainu-kun (Dogtato-kun) was a pleasure though. I am always amazed how subversive that show for preschoolers is (especially “everyone is straight” part). So, not much… Oh! Campanella executed the most dangerous save on record in ep.3: I already decided to drop it after Carina’s bondage with lianas, but the tactless talking paddle just saved it.