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Robert goes factual

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The propreitor of my favourite retail outlet posted a curious revelation (via):

No news here. Anime sales in the US have dropped probably 70-75% across the board since the peak in 2005. DVD, Manga, Merchandise, everything. Excluding Disney, the Anime DVD market alone in 2005 was around $350 Million. Last year if you exclude Disney it was maybe around what, $80-$85 Million? That’s Funi, Viz, Section 23, MB, and all the other little ones put together. Anime is a ‘micro’ market again.

With everything that’s been written on this over the last couple of years, this should be no surprise to anyone. All of us in the biz know this all too well, its just no one likes to talk about it because it reflects poorly on the potential valuation of someone’s company. There are insiders still around in the R1 industry that put a lot of money and effort into the Anime biz, and are now bitterly lamenting that they clearly bet on the wrong horse. I’ve never felt like that though, I was always surprised that it ever got as big as it did a few years ago. My philosophy is that you just gotta make the best out of what you have, whatever that is.

It’s a brutal market out there.

Note that he did not use the opportunity to lash out at this customers as he used to. Still, I’m not going to be sorry for buying that Cat Shit One DVD, as promised, at least not just yet.


Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

A chance comment at Chizumatic reminded me that I did not have the Azumanga Daioh 10th Anniversary Supplement, so I ordered it. Amazon also suggested something called “Yotsuba Stajio“, so I ordered that too.

Yotsuba Stajio turned out to have about as much with Yotsuba as Azumanga Recycle did with Azumanga. It actually is a collection of classic Azumanga doujishi, including those I saw at wakachan/azu many years ago. Now I know their authors (or at least their nicknames, anyway). Very nice.

It’s amazing how quickly stuff gets delivered these days. The comment was made only 4 days ago.

UPDATE: Doujin artists include big names. I recognized it when I saw Barasui. I knew that Barasui once included a visit of Chiyo-chichi into Ichigo Mashimaro, but this is a full issue of Azumanga characters.

Well, loot…

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Left to right: original light novel, English light novel, R1 DVD set. I suppose all I miss is some kind of Naoko Yamazaki trinklet, perhaps a mission patch.

I also got Cat Shit One on DVD. It’s not really anime and the photo came out poorly, so just trust me on it.

He’s alive

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Look who’s peeking through the Great Firewall of China:

The recap episode to Kimi ni Todoke was one of the stranger ones I’ve seen. To watch it you’d think that Kurume was the main character, a lonely, flawed girl, desperate in love, and that the shy, gangly, long-haired thing who popped up later was just the latest of her rivals. It was an unexpected and elegant way to reintroduce the series. Alas, since then the show has continued to showcase our would-be lovebirds second-guessing themselves into an impasse.

Hell yes.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is NOT executed well. They had great potential in hand when amiable Ayumu absorbs some powers and so becomes not only a zombie but a magical girl. Adding Sera, not only a ninja but a vampire ninja(!), should have made it even better, but they’ve botched every attempt to cash in.

SDB seems back to enthusiastic. Botched, how exactly?

I’m a little surprised I’m still watching Infinite Stratos. Maybe it’s because I’m amazed how far they can take harem and tsundere stereotypes without making it completely dull. And by the way, can we get a tsundere out there to NOT say “It’s not that I (did something nice) because I like you or anything.” It’s getting annoying. Maybe I like Ichika’s predicament of being the only male at the school, or his growing confidence inside his IS. Or maybe it’s because they’re finally getting to an actual story arc.

Clearly the series I would love to love. I only pray the ending does not suck.

Sasa loves Tumblr

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

It’s true. Sasa proclaimed her love in a comment at RP. Never heard of Otou-san and his triumphant return from a tumblexile?

For one good Tumble, there’s 500 Tumbles of utter garbage.

  — RP expands Sturgeon’s law

UPDATE: RP awoke Omo and Nova. Nova awoke Ryan.