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Railgun begins

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The defining feature of early Railgun for me is the tension between the fun antics of the main quartet and the horror that lurks just below the surface: the brutal dystopia where espers are raised: Dune’s prison planet with a smiling face. I was chuckling at hapless Kuroko through the ep.2, but could not laugh.

One funny outcome of this is how Kuroko’s raging lesbian schtick does nothing to destroy the show, while exactly the same part ruined S.ifr. The difference is that the omni-present, oppressive horror of Railgun is so dominating that small things are in the noise. In a boisterous and fun show they played a different role.

In any case, my job is to complete it and thus get on to something promising, like IS.

Liveblogging Railgun 01

Monday, April 25th, 2011

This is tough work, might as well make it fun as much as possible.

  • Impossible not to regognize Satomi Arai as Kuroko
  • Improbably, can’t remeber who is Mikoto and who is Kuroko (until one of them opens her mouth). Kuroko – longer hair.
  • Mitsuko (CV: Minako Kotobuku – nicely different from Tsumugi). Must refrain from liking her, it would be bad.
  • All this esper shit and measuring is offensive, but perhaps I’m just channeling my hate of Railgun into it.
  • In case anyone is wondering how anyone can like Railgun, I know the answer: Massive Groping. Now I understand.
  • These two must be Uiharu and Saten. Second off-the-frame upskirt in the ep.
  • OK, Saten is crap. Uiharu is uke.
  • 08:48 L0 is no power. What is she doing in Ac.City, then?
  • 11:24 A secret plan for “date” – mildly amusing.
  • 15:30 Frog-bonding. This is bearable, like K-ON2. The question is what else is in store.
  • 20:07 Considering how I should stand up to Kuroko. Using her hubris and talk-in-fight may be helpful. Tricking her into a teleporting together with an attached grenade would be awesome. Yes. Very nice indeed. Not while under control of the anime writers’ typewriter in the sky, of course…
  • 22:05 ED at alst.

I think I can live with Saten, now that she received her richly deserved boot to the face. She is on probation. The rest of them though… Have to compliment Misaka on not having the yandere angle for now.

UPDATE: I keep trolling Steven recently. Oh, well.

Non-non-biyori and AsoIku in Comic Alive

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

I borrowed another one of the fat magazines, to see what they are about: this time the June 2010 issue of Comic Alive. Not sure if it’s specific to Alive, but most of the manga there is action, and now I know that I am not interested in it. The only series that grabbed my attention was “Non-non Biyori”: a slice-of-life on papper, apparently. I guess that the title has to do with a loli character who ends all her phrases with “-non” where rules call for “-no”. It has uncomplicated dialog and furigana, which helps, but most importantly the quality of art is a few levels above everything else in the magazine.

Here’s a zoom:

For comparison, Asobi ni Ikuyo at the same sale:

Generally, there seem to be a bunch of “mediocre tie-ins” published. There was Kampfer, for example. AsoIku drew my attention due to the dialog between the apparent protagonist[1] and the pictured lady with a scar, who I imagined being infamous Jens (but as it turned out her name was Maya). I think the knock-off mangas lag anime, let alone novels.

BTW, it feels quite weird to read off such big format. It is a help for my old eyes, but still, it just does.

UPDATE: The urgency has passed, but here’s the picture that I promised:

First, you see Manami and Aoi facing off, then a break, the assitodroid, the guy, Maya, and on the next page is “摩耶さん、誰がを好きになったことはありますか?” and so on.

[1] Hair color is dark, but the guy was emoing in the closet by wrapping himself into a bedsheet — who else would that be, right? Not that I want to know really.

Random on Mozuya-san

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Although I pretty much know, if not love, every animeblogger worth knowing, I know of no mangabloggers (I only know that Zepy dabbed due to his newsblogger nature). So, when I wanted to know what else Rokurou Shinofusa has done, I had to resort to web search, and behold:

EDIT: Well, I just finished volume 3 [of Mozuya-san] and I almost cried. It’s officially transitioned from comedy to drama in this volume. They reveal an entire backstory for poor little Koto and her foster parents. Man, being afraid to love sucks.

Oh, snap. The scans at Zepy were so pretty, albeit without furigana.

Azumanga Stajio

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The Azumanga Stajio turned out to be a collection of doujishi. I surprised myself by recognizing the hand of quite a few artists in it. The only problem is: no furigana, which hampers me significantly.

I knew about Barasui‘s interest in Azumanga since the visit of Chiyo-chichi to the pages of Ichigo Mashimaro. But apparently he went quite some ways beyond that. Very nice and clean, yet elaborated style, compact humour.

I did not know who Ume Aoki was, but I recognized the wide faces right away. Big N should love this.

My personal favourite is the segment by Rokurou Shinofusa, whoever that might be. It is the only segment that does not feature Azumanga characters, but uses his original ones, and yet takes on all of our beloved stereotypes. Also, there is a complete story, merely divided into 4-frame parcels.

IM@S anime PV w/ footage

Monday, April 18th, 2011

(Via Beta-Waffle) A-1 showed us a few seconds of actual anime footage. It looks very much like what I expected from them… Same critique as in Birdy applies. No antagonists were shown.

Idolm@ster Break

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Although I essentially quit watching anime after failing to surmount Railgun, and meeting other circumstances, I am staying in touch with my inner otaku. The outcome is that I started reading manga. I never understood, appreciated, or plain liked the big sister art. However, it has one great advantage: a bookmark in the book. I can squeeze reading into fragments of the day where anime would not be possible. As an aside, I realize that I could experiment with portable media. In fact, the first thing I did with my new AV8OR was to upload fansubs to it… But it’s just not clicking, somehow.

So, we’re having another journey of discovery here. First of all, I went through the Idolm@ster Break v.3, that I bought because it came with an IM@S CD that I wanted. It provides an interesting glimpse into what we can expect from the upcoming Idolm@ster The Anime. I did not doubt that it were possible to come up with a story. This issue, however, is that not having a well-developed story was probably helpful for Binchou-tan and Strike Witches. The games, however, do have a setting already, and we the anime is supposed to be faithful to it. Can it be interesting, or are we getting another Puffy Ami Yumi?

The Break tackles the problem in a very straightforward way. The v.3 opens with Miki defecting from Namco Pro (spelled “765”) to Kuroi Pro (spelled “961”). The Producer, who is a very young man, and a grandson of Namco’s president, starts doubting himself. Pictured is Iori, apparently a childhood friend, giving him some osananajimi encouragement, while Haruka et al. are peeking. From there on we have the problem of management of idols, which looks quite similar to what SDB marked as a “samurai story” of Hanaukyou Maid Tai. The rivalry between Kuroi and Namco provides the conflict.

The setup is serviceable, IMHO. It only needs to be executed properly, and then resolved better than, say, Zero no Tsukaima‘s story was.

Ana on Tiger and Bunny

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Anyway, I want the next episode! My craving for ambiguously gay superhero duo must be satisfied!

P.S. DiGi made me do it. But also, there was a sensible discussion at Sea Slugs.