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Nichijou 11 and the old man

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

When I watched Nichijou 11, the old man sequence seemed too close to home, with me being a honorary member of geriatric animebloggers of Meenuvia and all. What if my wife dies before me? Nobody is going to visit my chat, too.

I remembered glancing over the article at 2DT about it. He passed on opportunity to create a retrospective of elderly characters there. You’d think that Miyazaki’s textbook hate of all things military and the love of old people deserved a nod, but no. A quick scan of my shrunk reading list revealed very little else. Otou passed on it, the slot at his new master being squatted by a random blogger #159. Ditto Evirus, Pixy, and SDB. Episoders produced zilch, or even less than zero. Miao phoned it in with a retelling.

We should not be surprised at this. The miniscule sales are there for a reason: when everyone only finds 1/4 of the anime palatable, nobody buys the whole thing (think about it). Now, if I could buy just 1. The weiner, 2. The hallway chase, 3. The deer fight, it would be worth $5 a minute.

Deceptive Advertising

Monday, June 27th, 2011

ANN ran Funi’s banner today with the cast of Manabi Straight advertising… some stupid AnimeNation thing. What a cruel world.

Yes, I clicked. Thought maybe Funimation quietly licensed it.

P.S. Speaking of AnimeNation, John wrote: “The first trailer for next month’s iDOLM@STER anime television series has appeared on YouTube.” It is definitely not the first trailer. PV2 was the first trailer with actual anime footage. Guys, please get it together.

UPDATE: Omo challenged me to parse the JavaScript that generates the ads and find the image. So I did. Here’s the static URL of the banner: The shock factor is that the filename includes the show’s name (they could’ve used an incomprehensible hexadecimal hash string)!


Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Here’s a screencap from IM@S TV PV3:

I remember how hearing “Pete-san” felt a little unsettling, back in the day. Not so much now, but in this instance we have “-sama” applied to a corporation. Good grief.

Shonen manga sampling

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

My friendly pusher provided me with a random sampler of some almost-contemporary shonen manga. It was amusing, but seems like not my thing.

I heard that “MÄR” was popular, but it (actually its “Omega” continuation) grabbed my attention the least. It’s Mahoraba art at best, and goes into endless fights with overgrown puppets right away. At least Naruto headbutted Gaara, you know. “Utsurowazarumono (+ breath of fire)” is the most likeable. It is drawn competently and tries to tell a story.

Still, reading these reminded me how Evirus eulogized a particular Precure for “end-to-end mahou-shoujo beatdowns”, while Aroduc exalted the fluidity of J2. I am simply not interested, and all of these manga go to some lengths to present dramatic ass-kicking.

UPDATE: Evirus sent along a great example where he finds All Stars DX “Pretty Satisfying” (it was the one before DX2), with choice screencaps. And you know, I’m on board with that. I loved Cat Shit One. Having the end-to-end asskickery in a movie format may be pretty satisfying once in a while. Secondly, I’m ok with the cameo fanservice… Look, it’s Honoka and Nagisa, and they are back.

My point above, however, was that obviously someone, somewhere enjoys the catharsis of page upon page of fighting motions captured in the ink.

Yukiho’s character blurb

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Mostly predictable, but not quite:


Last time I saw the kind of hidden — or non-obvious — strength that is promised here, it was Aoi Sakuraba, the nemesis of feminists of 2000s. I heard every member is going to get a mini-arc, so we’ll see if Mr. Nishigori will take it anywhere.

Blog management of Rosa C.

Friday, June 10th, 2011

I was junking old blogs from my “Dead” folder, when I found what looked like a persistent “host not found” for (former) Anime Black Hole, while articles continued to resolve… Why, Feedburner, of course. But wait! What actually happened was entirely different: the blog was moved under the “Anime Void” brand, Feedburner junked with no warning, and me not reading it since November 2010.

Today’s lesson is: even if you are supremely confident if your ability to redirect feeds, post that “We’re Moved!” stub anyway… and do it on your old blog.

P.S. I’m cutting sharply on my anime blog intake. I simply do not have the time to read 210 blogs anymore. Yesterday, instead of putting another episode of Railgun in, I started reading “Owning, Buying or Flying the Cessna 150/152” by Mike Arman, and frankly it was more entertaining than Mahoraba manga, not to mention more educational. I laughed heartily at this: “I once had a small green frog pop out of one of these vent tubes, and land directly on the lap of a young lady I was trying to impress by taking her for her very first airplane ride”, and “Every once in a while you’ll see a Cessna pilot with a horizontal indentation having regularly spaced diamonds on across his forehead”. I finished the book in one sitting, and Railgun gets to share my unpleasant duties time with weeding the backyard.


Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

The final volume of the set is not available from anywhere. I tried Amazon, Mandarake, Kinokuniya, BK1, and even YesAsia. Japanese hoarders are just brutal, and publishers aid and abet them.

P.S. I don’t mind buying from a Japanese scalper, but those bastards never ship overseas, and I haven’t set up a Denso account… yet.