Infinite Stratos begins

July 3rd, 2011 by Author

Now that I’m done with Railgun, I can watch Infinite Stratos, which also comes with a high load of expecations — only the positive kind. I stashed quite a number of links to various worthy reflections, and they all point in one direction: I’m going to love this show.

I was afraid to jinx it by posting an opening bracket too early (remember Arashi 01?), so I am already 3 episodes in. IS warms the heart like nothing else. It is something long forgotten from the times when anime was not trying to outpervert itself.

These days, if one wants to watch something joyful and live, he has to refer to rare adventure titles like Rocket Girls (which was not all that great; about the only compliment to it I can make is how it was more real than Allison and Lilia). Sure, there were things like GA, which tried to freshen the theme about which K-ON seemingly said everything… The way its dull successor carried the mantle was part and parcel of it. But now, this. Is this the dawn of anime’s new future?