Idolm@ster TV 03

July 21st, 2011 by Author

This was a Yukiho episode, in even greater degree than the previous one belonged to Iori. There was essentially nothing else.

Honestly, some of it was painful to watch. In the games, Yukiho passes for a nice girl with a harmless quirk. But here she is a real psychopath. Granted, it conveniently explains why she turned around after a simple pep talk by P-san: an unnaturally sharp change for a normal person is nothing to talk about for a crazy one. Honestly, I do not approve, because I liked the old Yukiho more. From a plain wish-fulfillment perspective she worked better, too. Your avatar could work with her to quench her fears, but here it’s impossible and producer’s success was simply random. He did not do enough to join the ranks of Taro Hanaukyo et al.

Oh and by the way. Now that we’re in girl-of-the-episode mode, it’s obvious that they do not have enough episodes to give one to everybody, especially since the introductory episode ate one slot. Who is going to get shafted? Hibiki and Takane sharing an episode? Twins, for being silly? Azusa, for being exposed before?

Some quick notes:

– In the beginning of broadcast, there was a ticker where Yukiho asked viewers to listen to “side story”. What is that and where can I get it?

– The dog was just evil (I have a screencap).

– Is ED slide show supposed to be canon? Because it seems to imply that Haruka, Makoto, and Yukiho were friends outside work, possibly for a while.

– IM@S2 is coming to PS3: there were ads after the episode. Not that I care, but just saying.

P.S. I only realized now that “ALRIGHT*” is the official spelling. Facepalm. BTW, it is a damn fine track, I have it on one of 765+871 CDs. Azumi Asakura did a fabulous job there, replacing Yurika Ochiai of course. It did not come out too well in the anime, I’m afraid.

UPDATE: DiGiKerot wrote me to remind that IM@S is a 2-cour series. For some reason I thought it was only scheduled for 12 episodes (not even 13). Blame ANN – they still show 12 today.