Idolm@ster TV 04

July 29th, 2011 by Author

So, a Chihaya’s episode this is. In it, Namco makes her to do a job that involves no singing (some TV game show). With a low key encouragement from P-san, she carries through with it. The End. Only they did not show us the most important thing: how this experience shapes her thinking for the future. Is she going to fight for her dream, and if yes, how? Helping to find performance opportunities where Namco staff obviously is slipping, perhaps? Or is she going to retreat into a world of regrets?

I expect A-1 to take an easy way out and just have her float along while the fortunes of Namco improve, so that she eventually sings with the crew.

BTW, Kuro pays inordinary respects to Takane. Indeed, she is written much stronger than her Live lines suggested. The fog of mystery helps her a lot in power rankings.

UPDATE: Bluemist excercises heavy projection with paragraph after paragraph of things like this:

I am not lonely, I need to stress on that. I just feel a melancholy on myself. A Chihaya, despite her serious appearance and seeming loneliness, is not lonely, and I’m willing to bet on that.

UPDATE MOAR: I think it is very apparent that the idol characterizations — which I find weak, shallow, and incomplete — work for other watchers. Even if we reject Bluemist’s tl;dr for being an excercise in insecurity through projection (and we probably should not), here’s Evirus’ tweet after 04:

Chihaya by a mile. Chihaya > Miki > Ritsuko > Azusa > Makoto > Takane > Kotori > Hibiki > Yayoi > Iori > Mami > Ami > Haruka > Yukiho.

I can see that he is not into “mamoritai” moe and/or crazies. But see above what I wrote about the way Chihaya was written in this anime. I still mean it. And that man is a cynic who’s seen everything. I may be missing something!