2DT on IM@S 01

August 18th, 2011 by Author

This example of feminist-laced claptrap is so perfect that I’m going to give it Google juice:

Ritsuko refers to herself as a novice, but she’s been at Studio 765 longer than everyone except the chief, and she’s clearly doing all the heavy lifting. She makes the schedules and herds the girls around, all so Mr. Producer can feel free to do his easygoing personal growth routine. But Ritsuko doesn’t seem to mind being downgraded to a subordinate. On the contrary, like some heroine of a shoujo manga, she’s determined to work hard and prove her worth. She’s a true career woman, complete with glass ceiling.

Clearly he has not seen the ep.6, where Ritsuko is given her personal unit, leaving P-san in her wake (who then releases Ritsuko to her personal growth routine while he makes the schedules and herds the girls around — very poorly, too). But being counterfactual is not even the point here. After all we may be sure that the story of 765 success is going to lift all boats, including the one currently struggling. The point is the perception warped by the biases, and the feminist dogma is among the worst lens of all. When the turnaround happens and P-san wins on the same merits as Ritsuko did, some will see it as a continued message of meritocracy, and others will see a “glass ceiling”.