Idolm@ster TV 15

October 14th, 2011 by Author

Filler episodes are not necessarily all bad. They work when used as an excuse to play with the characters, and succeed at that. In a sense it’s like one of those little OVAs that used to be packed in with DVDs (To Heart, KimiNozo had them), or made-for-youtube Toradora SOS, only inside the show.

And it may be fun in many ways. You just look at this Xbox 360 in the cockpit with the twins.

I’m not going to list the numbers, but just qualify that most were pretty good. In particular, Takane got a good enough spot to make Evirus tweet “I want to eat ramen with Takane.” However, Miki openly flirts with P-san, which, I thought, while nicely playful for now, may lead to trouble. And finally, the Makoto side is just getting worse and worse as what started as tongue-in-cheek performance descends into actual pandering. They even ship her with Yukiho rather shamelessly. Not that it would make me drop the anime, but I use the FF and Skip in good conscience.

UPDATE: When Evirus writes “this is starting to turn into a regular occurrence”, he does not mean that the Xbox travels with the twins whereever they go, but that blogs keep pointing things out.