SDF Macross ends

October 15th, 2011 by Author

Just one thought: the full scale of failure of Macross Frontier have only became apparent to me in the final scene of SDF Macross. Report to follow. Maybe.

Liked: It transcends my opinion.
Rewatch: Hopefuly my grandchildren will.

UPDATE in the morning, with other silly and/or short thoughts:

  • SDF Macross was too good for the health of the franchize. MS Gundam was not very good, which helped its follow-ons. It was much easier to build upon the latter. With Gundam we may argue which one was the best expression (I vote for MS 08th Team), but with Macross no follow-on work was able to measure up.
  • SDF Macross provides a tantalizing hint of what Shingu might have been in 36-episodes. Both have a 2cour+1cour structure. I had serious doubts that even Tatsuo Sato could pull it off, but Nobuhiro Ishiguro succeeded, so now I know that it was possible.
  • Come to think of it, may a modern director be indulged with a 3-cour (2+1 or otherwise)? Gurren-Lagann and Oh Edo Rocket were right-sized for 2-cour with no tail. Nothing else so amazing comes to mind. Zettai Kallen Children ran for a full year, but I’m not sure what its qualities were.