Idolm@ster TV 17

October 29th, 2011 by Author

Please pardon me, P-san, but WTF are you doing? A promise to Yukiho and now dating Makoto? And what about Miki? The desire not to rock the boat and go with the flow should not override the minimum common sense in a grown man in charge of juvenile idols. Of course this is anime, not reality, and it all is going to work out in the end, but jeez. Not the best way to build a healthy team chemistry.

I think that Chigusa Kisaragi must be Chihaya’s mother (note the similar spelling, too). The creators continue the same pattern of dropping big pieces in relation of Chinaya’s family difficulties. It is way overplayed and tedious, although perhaps this time it was segued into the episode better. Still, pretty inept writing.

Zyl has other details, if anyone is interested. {Update: He also thinks that Chigusa is Chihaya’s sister, which is quite possible, certainly.}

Coincidentially, Evirus crowned IM@S the best show of the Autumn, and anticipates “the inevitable scandal that threatens to destroy them when the evil rival talent agency blows the lid on Miki and her HONEY shacking up”. It was plausible just two episodes ago, but the way things are going now, the scanal is going to be P-san found in bed with Ami and Mami, just because he found no polite way to say “no”.

QUICK UPDATE: You know that we at Ani-nouto are fair and balanced like Fox News. In that spirit, we offer Schneider’s alternative take:

But you know what? The Producer was a total bro. It’s not utterly obvious, but he’s grown very well into his job since the start of the show. His treatment of Makoto in this episode was masterfully done, and I loved the prince part at the end.