Strike Witches 12 (end)

October 29th, 2011 by Author

Since my wife is away on business, I camped out at front of TV and raided whatever Netflix has to offer through the wonders of Wii and Internet. One of the things I checked out was the finale of Strike Witches, and that made me reconsider GONZO.

GONZO, by your ineptitude or malice, every good anime you produced was ruined with a garbage ending, even Vandread and Last Exile. Also, many were not good from the start. For these things, of old, utter boycott was the penalty. Now therefore I must pronounce your doom.

The old penalty was remitted for your last-gasp effort before the death. In so far as lies in me under higher authority, I declare your wares valid to purchase by any fan who wishes. This doom shall stand until one month after Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing finishes its broadcast run, and then cease, unless the council of fans confirms it worthy and make this doom lifelong.

Come forth and sin no more.