Idolm@ster guns for the hidden gem status

November 19th, 2011 by Author

I noticed a rather large number of blog posts over the summer that begrudgingly admitted to enjoying The Idolm@ster TV anime. Posts like that are normal for any season, whenever expectations are set low for some reason. I remember starting my animeblogging with “I thought Naruto was just another DBZ clone, but I was greatly mistaken.” So, I did not think about saving links to these posts, and now that I seem to observe their unusual abundance, I do not have any data. Maybe I should start now? Here’s one at Altair+Vega:

In the end it’s easy to recognize that I’m being manipulated by the series into liking it, but I’m liking it so much that I hardly care.

Posted by the female half of the blog, BTW.