IRC on AsoIku

December 30th, 2011 by Author

[Originally saved in mid-2011 — Author]

<sagematt> If Kyuubey shows up in front of me right now.
<sagematt> For becoming a magical girl, I'm wishing to rid Oreimo's existence from the universe, past, present and future, by my own hand.
<[RoXaS]> haha
<sagematt> Cry manly tears for me, guys.
<sagematt> There will be more bad shows, yes.
<hikago> fish liked watching it
<sagematt> But at least you'll remember that I vanished it from existence.
<zaitcev> Bah. Better disappear Asobi ni Ikuyo or something.
<hikago> @sage: you will be remembered
<sagematt> Asoiku was just boring.
<sagematt> Nobody cared about it anyway.
<zaitcev> Except... you know whom.
<sagematt> No.
<sagematt> I don't know who.
<sagematt> But I guess.
<sagematt> You are going to say.
<sagematt> SDB
<sagematt> Because you are gay for that guy.
<hikago> i thoguht the tomboyish gun girl's acting was okay
<hikago> err good*
<hikago> but the series was vapid
<hikago> what was the point?
<zaitcev> Eris' radiant ass.

UPDATE: Steven (“SDB”) focuses on the wrong thing, apparently. Indeed, Internet is a horrible place these days, and sagematt is a finest example of its dwellers. The radiant ass, however, actually existed in ep.1, as an innovative censoring trick.