CKS on EDs of Hanamaru

December 31st, 2011 by Author

I must’ve missed it back when it was posted:

(One interesting note is that according to ANN Mizushima also directed Hanamaru Kindergarten, which had a startlingly interesting set of ending animations that are well worth tracking down on their own; each one did its own little mini-story in various genres, complete in a minute and thirty seconds or so. I didn’t watch HK itself, but I quite enjoyed the ending segments. I believe you can find them on Youtube.)

I’ll be damned. I watched the whole series without seeing any of those. I ran to check and indeed they exist. Pictured is Sakura finding that she’s pregnant with Anzu, apparently:

The EDs are basically the same as Gurren-Lagann Parallel Works. Oh, GAINAX, why are you so… unpredictable.