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Fairy Ring

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

So… About that outrage and betrayal. In the event, Sixten did not use a fake Japanese-sounding pen name, and the work is not crap, so I suppose this question is resolved, 3½ years later.

Wings of Honneamise

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

This title also was suggested by a non-anime friend, and perhaps qualifies to represent anime at large, like Evangelion. The ending was screwed very similarly, anyway: the director had no clue how to complete the story, and so… On the other hand the OP/ED with stick figures were quite awesome.

The movie very noticeably amounts to one giant Rorschach test. For example, I loved the (aerodynamic) flight sequence, and I haven’t seen anything quite so great since Marco stomped the rudder bar when attacked by Curtiss [1]. I knew I’ll love it when I saw the flaps deployed, and why? Because I love doing it too. I love the visceral feeling, orewa gandamu da! [2]. In every airplane where I can, I set the takeoff trim by looking at the anti-servo tab [3]. But I am sure it’s going to be rare for most to find the sequence any good. It was a filler that did nothing to advance the plot.

One other notable thing was how the “otherness” was not quite at the steampunk level. Some things, such as the rotary doorbell, may even actually exist (my maternal grandparents had a similar device built into their door, but it did not have a spring and had to be turned). I think I like it more than outright fantasy: it places less load on my powers of detachment, while still transmitting how much that world is different.

And finally, crazy women are a bane of men.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Quite

[1] Last Exile sucked for good flying.

[2] Coincidentially, pedals in C150 very much remind me of those seen in more real-robot versions of Gundam. Unfortunately, their two degrees of freedom are not used as freely as in a Gundam, and you have to exercise them with a great degree of judgement, or else.

[3] Not only in a Cherokee, but also in CTLS.