Kill Me Baby 01 stumbles

January 13th, 2012 by Author

Like Steven, I was attracted to Kill Me Baby by Sixten, and with the same result. Oddly enough, everything Sixten wrote about the anime, and all his parsing comes true. But the end product just does not grab me in the way Nichijou did in its good parts. It feels dull, which is death for a comedy. At least Nichijou was not dull. Maybe annoying in other parts, exposing the seedier underside of life in Japan, or even plain bizarre, but not dull. And what do I care about its budget?

Still, despite the tiresome presentation in the ep.1, I am loth to drop Kill Me Baby right away. I remember too well how I dropped Sunred too soon. KMB has a decent animation at least. I think a suspension is the right decision here.