Symbolism of Idolm@ster

January 22nd, 2012 by Author

When Hikago posted a pamflet from which the following illustration is cropped, it looked like he mocked vapous attempts to seek symbolism where none was meant by the creators:

Too bad nothing was linked, I’m wonering if he meant anyone in particular. The only one who would even bother to notice it in my reading circle was Kaedrin, who, for example, wrote about GiTS movie:

Symbolism, such as the use of a wall charting the evolution of life in the climax of the film, is used but not abused.

I just don’t have the eye for this sort of thing and simply ignore anything artsy, except when it’s too heavy-handed, like Shinbo’s stuff in ef. The final arc of The Idolm@ster ladles it heavily enough for even me to see, and it gets more and more explicit, until they come to Haruka regarding herself:

The progression, I think, was meant to establish the messaging so firmly that even Hikago-class satire would be disarmed.