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What shall I say at IM@S panel?

Monday, January 9th, 2012

My Idolmaster panel for LCAD 2012 was accepted. The question is, what do I do now?

I was to a few con panels before, and I have a rough idea what they usually are like. I’m looking at delivering a reasonably coherent presentation with Q+A. The rest is the implementation, with which I am having issues. Should I deliver a historic review? Or the latest news? Or focus on the new IM@S2 for PS3? Or the anime? It’s an anime con after all.

If anyone wants to join, shoot me an e-mail.

Idolm@ster TV 25 (END)

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

It was a wonderful experience that carried me into the anime fantasy country once more. Not the one where nothing bad ever happens, mind, but the right one.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Maybe

P.S. Funnily enough, I still have no “favourite”. Haruka is about the only one who I would not mind meeting, but at the end of the day, I do not have anything in common with any one of the idols. They walk their road and I follow mine. But it was a good time.

UPDATE: Smankh is making fun on G+ from the fact that the category of Idolm@ster at Ani-nouto has a slug “xenoglossia”. And no wonder, since it started back in 2007. Am I supposed to rewrite history now?

Cockpit pictures from below

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

The best of them all is this:

UPDATE: Steven commented with a riddle: “that thing looks like it could make a soprano out of you.” He means the 3-point harness that Marco is wearing.

Peter S. on Mouretsu Pirates 01

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

The theme of Peterburd’s review is “disappointing”, which is contrary to just about every other established animeblogger. Having not seen the anime episode yet, I do not have an opinion about it as such, but I see that the shadow of Tatsuo Sato’s reputation overhangs this series in the same way Yamakan’s hovered over Fractale – only in a positive way. Everyone who watched Shingu, Nadesico, and Stellvia know in their heart that Boudacious Space Pirates will turn out awesome too. Those who did not, well… not necesserily do. Saving this for future reference.

Pixy complains about “theme song”. Does anyone remember the OP theme of Sningu? We are talking about an anime most known for is consistent excellence, maybe No Bad Episode award (I need to check if Evirus bestowed it in fact, but just trust me for now). And yet the OP was controversial at best.

By the way, Shingu was not well understood by the contemporaries, who refused to watch it while broadcast on TV. It was even truncated from planned 3 cours to 2 (but remained awesome even in its ending). In part because of that, Mr. Sato wanted his next show to become more lighthearted, as recorded in post-mortem interviews. So, Stellvia came out and Earth barely escaped destruction in it twice — an increase over Shingu. Also, students murdering classmates for the standing in school rankings. And the lighthearted part? I only remember saving the world while the giant bunny riges shotgun [1], and Shippon’s cellphone going off when… anyway. Yeah. I don’t know what really to expect from Mouretsu, but I predict a global, overarching crisis.

[1] The only picture of the infamous bunny that I have also reminded about other LOL moments that I forgot. The category has more treasures, like the Antiyuri Manifesto. Those were the times.

Shiho and Miki

Friday, January 6th, 2012

The connection between To Heart and IM@S anime was evident to me even without the help of Evirus making it, but for a slightly different reason: Shiho.

If I did not remember her, it was documented:

P.S. […] I should note, Shiho is not my “favourite”. I cannot stand girls with show business inclinations. It’s a nasty, dog eat dog environment.

Never liked Miki too much either. Parallels are very strong, only Miki was actually ruthless while Shino was all bluster. In the final showdown (the existence of which Evirus denied — the one when Akari was ill), she backed down. Miki would not.

Rabbit Poets on Winter 2012

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

A couple of days after my mixed experience with podcasting, RP presented an interesting alternative: a faux transcript. This is incomparably more comfortable: you can quote it, you can translate it, everything.

Sabishii: … so what about that Mouretsu pirate show. The art looks fantastic, but the plot…doesn’t seem very appealing somehow…

RP: What? Bodacious space pirates not convincing enough? :-P

Sabishii: bastard

RP: Or Miniskirt pirates

Sabishii: HNNG

RP: I guess take your pick

Sabishii: it’s not that I don’t find it appealing it’s that I do take plot into consideration…sometimes… lol :D

RP: Well, it could be a fun show

We need more of it. Guff and Orion, where are you?

Morita-san wa Mukuchi ends

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Somewhat amazingly, Quiet Morita-san was the only anime that I finished in the 2011 Autumn season (although I am going to complete The Idolmaster later). The convenience of 3-minute episode format FTW.

I feel that 3-minute size constrains the form too much. Even 6-minute would open a door for radical improvement. I say that because Azumanga had 5-minute segments on the average, and so did Lucky Star. The latter had a widely varying segment size, and things like the ghost visit would not fit at all.

BTW, another long-running short-form is Adventures of Mini-Goddess.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: No


  • 06 I am surprised that every two-bit character is given a name, even fodder boys.
  • 07 Hana of low standards (will date “a man who’s not living with his parents”).
  • 12 He seriously recast the ring? But why? It’s probably possible to buy two for the cost of the recast.
  • 13 No, not even Chihiro has a boyfriend. Good grief.
  • 15 Home Eco classes rule.
  • 22 What has happened to her long message? It was a delusional dream?

UPDATE: Peter S. twittered: “I was pleasantly surprised by the 1/2 hour OVA. The 3-minute bits strung together gave it a nice rhythm.”

Ensnared by Behind’s podcast

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

I am not one to listen to podcasts: too much time is wasted listening what otherwise can be read. But seeing how Behind the Nihon Review promised a discussion of IM@S, I went through it.

It was fun in some ways. The way the talk is delivered is radically different from what I get on blogs except very, very few. They seem to shoot naturally for a more enlightened conversation than is typical in animeblogging, including The Behind’s own. It sounded more like Beta-Waffle or 2DT being in the zone.

However, the density of the talk is still low, and tells me more about the panelists than about the topics. There guy with a heavy accent is the straight man, endlessly trying to contribute. The moderator loves politicizing and mad overreach, like with the suggestion how “the idol industry exploits fans” and the IM@S TV anime being a “sacred conduit”. The remote guy is too smart for the group, but he liked Yozora (of Haganai). By the way, it takes a massive habit to identify the participants by mere voices.

One particularly annoying part about podcast is how difficult it is to have a conversation with opinions floated therein. For example, they talked about Homura being a candidate for the character of the year. Evirus dealt with Homura’s candidacy, but can I add anything? If I quote “indefatigable dedication” and link, can they amend the podcast? No, at best they can address that in the “readers’ letters” section in front of the next podcast, and that is a sucky model that drags down the print media.

I had a half of a mind to poke holes in their model of Idolm@ster character construction, since it is a fact that I do not have a favourite idol, and they appear not to allow it, but it’s just daruiiii. Meh.