A fistful of Suspensions and Rejects

February 11th, 2012 by Author

I burned through a bunch of anime recently, blogging which was uncomfortable. But I’m going to collate the list here, without getting into a lot of detail (maybe less than last time).

Actually, first up is a bunch of former Suspensions that I retired into Rejects after all.

B-Gata H-Kei was sitting in there for more than a year, if I remember right. At some level, I really wanted to watch it, but every time I restarted it, I stopped in seconds, literally. The total accumulated time is 7 minutes 57 seconds. Just something about it rubbed me the wrong way. Decided to face the reality and retire.

In Sora no Woto I reached a bit further: up to Konata unloading from the train. I hoped to restart it after CKS assured me that the supposed horrors of ep.8 were a joke. I thought it was some kind of lesbian rape or whatever, but it turned out nothing. Still, I am just not interested.

Angel Beats I am afraid to continue. I stopped after the mabu tofu segment, and I think it may be better to leave it on a positive note. Jun Maeda is no Yoshitoshi ABe.

Now, the new items.

Tiger and Bunny: seen 1. Ana made me do it. It was nicely dynamic and well-set, but frankly, Tiger sucks and ruins everything.

Kurau: Phantom Memory: seen 1. A poster in the restroom made me finally see it. Nick initiated it, but you know… Try to look at male Kurau hugging Christmas every time you pee. Unfortunately, I hate shows with agents (like GiTS, but its movie was at least a classic). And then the thematic concerns were significant.

Uta~kata: seen 1. It clearly shows promise or an almost-masterpiece anime, but is supposed to be nasty. I rejected the goddamn Madoka for that, so what chance did this have?

Working and Working 2 (Wagnaria): seen a bunch, maybe 5 and 3. Its humour was rather good at first, but all characters were defective, and I do not appreciate that. The second season was a fairly uninspired continuation. Nothing was ever happening, too, and I saw enough Simpsons to learn to avoid endless series. Matt Groening even had the temerity to brag how Bart never needs to graduate from the 4th grade — he thinks it’s an advantage!

Chuu-Bra: I don’t remember anything about it. Probably saw 15 seconds before dropping.

Mai-OTOME Zwei I actually completed, but wish I didn’t. Were two bucks wasted? Well, insomuch that I am now able to badmouth the show in full knowledge, $2 is acceptable. But the bad overload by useless characters for contrieved fanservice reasons left a very bad taste. I am dismayed how apt my comparison with iM@S OVA was, only they managed to waste 4 episodes, not 1!

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: seen 3 (yep, gave it a good chance). It’s nicely intriguing, which I like, but Touri is unbearable and I’m not exaggerating. Ignoring the setting is like work, and all the middle-age stupidity pollutes everything anyway. Heavy thematic concerns, too — not playing as bad a role as in Kurau, and I liked Masazumi a bit, but existing nonetheless. This is a Reject. I even stopped before it was revealed who exactly Touri targeted (not necessarily the robot as per OP).

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi: was rage-suspended at 10 minutes in, when the first boob-faceplant occurred. Still hope to continue one day.

Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku: after a couple of episodes I understood that I was only watching it in order to participate in discussions, so I stopped. Supposedly ep.5 was awesome. Hopefully the ending does not suck and then I marathon it.