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FUNi licenses what again?

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

After Oh Edo Rocket it almost seemed that FUNi decided to mend their “only ever license drek” ways, but today it was announced that Sentai acquires ZKC, while FUNi acquires Pretear. I even happen to know what kind of garbage Pretear was first hand.

Perhaps they plan to get everything with that lawsuit anyway. Yes, that’s the only sensible explanation.

Lolikit on Mouretsu Pirates 03

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

In a tweet:

watched Mouretsu Space Pirates 3: noise in space. SEEMS LIKE THE SUCCESSOR TO STARSHIP OPERATORS IS NOT HERE YET

But of course. For one thing, reportedly, Mr. Sato aimed to eliminate romance from Mouretsu Pirates. A bonehead move for sure. Remember Kyoichi Moriguchi and Harumi Mineo? Does Tatsuo Sato? It was his best anime, Shingu. As for Starship Operators, I remember only 3 things about it now:

  1. Bullshit ending and “Truman”
  2. Magically contrieved deus-ex ship combat
  3. Sanri’s scream — the only redeeming feature of the series

Of course Mouretsu is not SP, duh. How could it be!

CKS on microgravity in Mouretsu Pirates

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Chris is not happy with the lapses of scientific fidelity:

What gets to me is how people maneuver in zero G. Pirates has repeatedly had people floating still in the air, not in contact with anything, and then had them just start moving again without pushing off anything or otherwise had some source of thrust. Sometimes people have stopped in midair (not coasted to a stop, just stopped). It’s as if Pirates is treating people in zero G just like people walking along the ground, except they can coast and float and move in any direction.

Pirates doesn’t do this all of the time; a lot of the time people do push off things and stop themselves on things. But not always, and the exceptions make me twitch.

I watched a number of series where zero-G is animated, and they always have these lapses. Even Rocket Girls has it. For example, when Akane enters Atlantis, she floats to a stop:

I suspect that in their production rush animators skip animating most movements. Astronauts say that legs in particular are useless to push off things, so everyone grab something with hands. This is a lot of movement, and skipping it is akin to the common situation when a bunch of characters stand perfectly motionless while one moves or talks. I learned not to be bothered by it.

UPDATE: Chris responds that violations in Mouretsu are qualitatively more pervasive and blatant than in Rocket Girls. I only watched 2 episodes thus far and thought it was not too bad. I have to admit that I noticed the oddities onboard Odette II, but it could be worse.

By the way, you know where this stuff is bad? In Tatsuo Sato’s Stellvia. In many instances, things float around cockpits (including, for instance, Kouta’s oxigen bottle). But tears stream down cheeks.

Remembering Starship Operators is also rather educational in this regard. The creators there had a lot of fun with small detail of living in a rotating space station. For example, a tea kettle has a makeshift sign “beware of Coriolis”, presumably after a few times someone missed a cup. But they were not thorough enough to cover every instance of space physics (the anime includes a large EVA segment). I think nobody is. You have to be a real nerd to be used to it, and sometimes it takes actual calculations to support a plausible environment. Note that Rocket Girls had JAXA engineers volunteering in support of the anime, doing mock trade studies of launchers and vehicles and roughly beta-testing the script.