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Oh you, GoodSmile

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

There’s a Yozora figurine for preorder at J-List, and here’s what Peter blurbs for it:

From the hit anime I Have Few Friends (aka Haganai) comes this superb figure of beautiful but socially inept heroine Yozora Mikazuki. The sharp-tongued Yozora is presented in her classic “arms-folded” pose, a delightfully sadistic expression of contempt on her finely-sculpted face. Her long black hair shines in the light, and the zettai ryouiki “absolute zone” between her skirt and stockings is positively delicious. Enjoy this amazing moe figure from the Goodsmile Company.

Here’s a picture from GoodSmile themselves:

Notice anything? Like something that’s missing from the description, perhaps? It’s not in the blurb at GoodSmile’s site either, and profile pictures are absent.

UPDATE: Never mind.

Wait, Kyouju does what?

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Seen at A+V today, by A_Libellule:

Through a convenient twist we follow Kisaragi, effectively the main character, on a visit to Oomichi’s home. Here we find the traditional background one would expect of such a character, and an explanation of why she is not her usual self. [TVtropes] have listed this as dislike for her arranged marriage; yet I find myself disagreeing with this simple reduction. As Kisaragi notes, Oomichi is by no means an unhappy girl. That she would paint such pictures of her fiancé’s shrine, I would argue her not entirely against it. Nervous about the steps she will soon be taking, perhaps, but certainly not an overt expression of dislike.

Whilst this scene is not melancholic, per se, it is at the very least affecting. We see beyond the obsidian shell of a character who is either a closed book, or simply one dimensional. It is not too far removed from the whimsicality and overt battiness the series wears with pride, yet, nevertheless strikes a different tone.

We touched upon the topic at Ani-nouto previously. The new dimension here is a reminder how clueless, dogmatic pseudo-intellectuals occupy every Wiki on the Internet, and the graceful pushback they receive. And Kyouju, of course.

Here’s the page in question:

Indeed, it’s quite YKK.

Fun words:

相手 (あいて) – the other party, 結婚の対象(たいしょう)となる人
天照(あまてらす) – Sun God
八幡(はちまん) – God of War
嫁ぎ先(とつぎさき) – in-laws

P.S. Kyouju didn’t know who her groom-to-be was at the beginning of manga, which I take to mean the interview transpired without anyone in class becoming aware of it.

The Naturally Main Character

Monday, March 26th, 2012

DiGi threw off a remark:

I’ve not recently watched anything specific in the way of anime where the main character has found themselves somewhat usurped in terms of position, though I’m sure such things exist.

Do they? Haibane Renmei contains a masterful misdirection in this regard and I very much enjoy telling neophytes that Reki is actually the main character. Some of them continue to disagree until the last episode, and then have an epiphany. But that’s different, because it’s fully premeditated by ABe. So, what about the usurption?

In some cases, fans have just enough material to form such view. I met several people that maintained that the whole DBZ is about Vegeta (Fajita), and everyone else — even Gohan and Goku — served as props in his story. That’s probably as far as creators ever allow it to go.

UPDATE: Steven adds a few examples, but I am not familiar with them.

Half a million views for Marco

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Haters gonna hate, but Marco’s rendition of Fuwa-fuwa Time hit 500,000 views on Youtube. It’s the most professional non-canonical version that I know on the whole Internet[1]. Josh Gerrago managed 240,000 for My Love Is a Stapler. Awesome, guys, congratulations. Love you, love K-ON.

[1] Some amateurs managed to outstrip even Marco, thanks to fluctuations in the ways videos go viral in Japan. Frankly, they cut my ears, but I don’t want to put down their enthusiasm.

Hearth Fish Mystery

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Here’s a couple of screencaps, featuring a common element, an implement shaped like a fish:

I’m wondering what it is and how it works. Curiously enough, there were about four sets with a hearth in Moribito, and not one had anything like that.

UPDATE: Aroduc told me that it’s called “jizaikagi”. He also mentioned that jizaikagi is not always carved like a fish. Armed with that information, I found it in Moribito:

The hook rope goes up through a channel near one end of jizaikagi, loops through the ceiling attachment, and terminates at the other end. This way, the height of the hook above the fire can be adjusted easily.

UPDATE 20150101: Katanagatari 01 also has a basic wooden beam without adourments:

2DT on the new HoiHoi-san

Monday, March 19th, 2012

2DT was spreading rumors on Twitter that a new anime adaptation of Hoi-Hoi-san is in production, no reference. I do not see anything at ANN or Wikipedia.

UPDATE: J. writes that “the details only seem to be available in a clip that requires a premium membership to Nicovideo.”

First pass of Haganai Portable

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Finished an introductory pass through Haganai P, received the default end (“sisters battle”).

Overal impression is mostly positive. Story is not terribly dramatic, at least on the path that I hit, but it’s all right.

The plot graph is branchy like hell. I dread restaring and taking it seriously. The difficult part is that effect of selections is entirely unobvious. There’s no Inko to give you a seed. Also, on the map there’s an issue of combinatorics: it does matter whom to talk to first, whom to talk to next. Getting ends of this game is going to be much more laborous.

Unfortunately for those with weak Japanese, there is a lot of reading, despite the voiced protagonist. It comes in as “narration”, or Kodaka talking to himself. Toradora P did not have anything like it. Even more unfortunate is that the post-ending hints are given by Tomo-chan, who is not voiced. Brush your kanji and grammar.

One technical detail: for some reason, there is no battery indicator in the pause screen.

UPDATE: At Meenuvia: Yozora and Sena (separate endings), Yukimura and “IF”, Rika finale (the best end).

Mouretsu blogging index

Friday, March 16th, 2012

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Sayonara, Ryuuji-kun

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

While I was waiting for Haganai P to ship, I hit on Toradora P for a whirlwind tour, possibly for the last time. With the benefit of experience, I can tell that the writing was much more story-like in it. Haganai P is too goofy.

I think it was a stroke of luck for me. I remember how SDB burned on VNs by playing Tea Society of a Witch. And the Sturgeon’s Law has to apply to VNs just like everything else.

One super-annoying property of games is how they slip out of our grasp with the obsolescence of platforms. Emulators only help with the most basic ones, but not with PSP. Eventually, all that’s left of Todadora Portable is going to be a buch of screencaps (while anime is going to remain with us indefinitely, if we care to preserve it — no thanks to DRM and pig-headed rights owners).

P.S. Title of this post refers to Ami’s line.

UPDATE: Moogy related a narrative on #animeblogger, according to which Namco had such a great success with Toradora tie-in game, that they started cranking them out serially, with OreImo and Haganai being the result. I am not interested in Ore no Imouto … at all, so I am not going to engage in proper research and historic overview, but expect a comparison of Haganai against Toradora shortly.


Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Possessing the empathy of a block of wood, I don’t know how to approach the subject, but there was a post at TTAC.

(photo by TTAC editor Bertel Schmidt)