Wait, Kyouju does what?

March 27th, 2012 by Author

Seen at A+V today, by A_Libellule:

Through a convenient twist we follow Kisaragi, effectively the main character, on a visit to Oomichi’s home. Here we find the traditional background one would expect of such a character, and an explanation of why she is not her usual self. [TVtropes] have listed this as dislike for her arranged marriage; yet I find myself disagreeing with this simple reduction. As Kisaragi notes, Oomichi is by no means an unhappy girl. That she would paint such pictures of her fiancé’s shrine, I would argue her not entirely against it. Nervous about the steps she will soon be taking, perhaps, but certainly not an overt expression of dislike.

Whilst this scene is not melancholic, per se, it is at the very least affecting. We see beyond the obsidian shell of a character who is either a closed book, or simply one dimensional. It is not too far removed from the whimsicality and overt battiness the series wears with pride, yet, nevertheless strikes a different tone.

We touched upon the topic at Ani-nouto previously. The new dimension here is a reminder how clueless, dogmatic pseudo-intellectuals occupy every Wiki on the Internet, and the graceful pushback they receive. And Kyouju, of course.

Here’s the page in question:

Indeed, it’s quite YKK.

Fun words:

相手 (あいて) – the other party, 結婚の対象(たいしょう)となる人
天照(あまてらす) – Sun God
八幡(はちまん) – God of War
嫁ぎ先(とつぎさき) – in-laws

P.S. Kyouju didn’t know who her groom-to-be was at the beginning of manga, which I take to mean the interview transpired without anyone in class becoming aware of it.