Raymond Herera on AsoIku

May 13th, 2012 by Author

I was tempted to title this “Meanwhile Deep In The Mainstream”, because look at this:

This Tuesday, May 15th, FUNimation Entertainment will release the sci-fi comedy harem series “Cat Planet Cuties” and in anticipation of its release the publisher has given us the opportunity to check the series out a little early.

It is May 15th, 2012. I am having a nagging suspicion that Mr. Herera is not aware that Asobi Ni Ikuyo was streamed by Crunchy in the U.S. market, which presumably Examiner and FUNi serve.

Meat-wise, writing was uninspired, even for a retelling:

As in most other harem anime series Kio is dense and has no idea about the feelings of each of the girls, except for Eris thanks to her going into “heat”.

With the most scintillating opinion being perhaps this:

Anime fans won’t find anything really original in “Cat Planet Cuties” but it does offer plenty of comedy and girls with big breasts for fans of the genre.

I think the ‘sphere is safe, thus far.

UPDATE: An early draft included an insinuation that Mr. Herera is making Chris Beveridge to quack in his boots, but does he? Let’s have a look:

The series also includes an OVA in this release, something that we didn’t get during the simulcast run for obvious reasons, and it’s a good bit of fun here at the end that involves everyone simply playing a variety of games.

The above is the only time the existence of streaming is acknowledged and it looks like an accident. I don’t know what to make of it. Chris knows his audience, in fact he built his audience over the years. Perhaps he wants his article to be self-contained and make sense many years down the road, when someone looks up a label at a garage sale.