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Fencedude on Accel World 12

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Writing for Sea Slugs, he mostly spends bytes on retelling, but there’s also this:

I wonder if Sword Art Online is one of those Online VR Games that Haruyuki has in his collection.

I saw some crazy cross-overs happen. Of course, Mave-chan was one giant ad for Stratos 4. Then, the bizarre in their shamelessness references to Sacred Blacksmith in Haganai. Things like that. I would not put it past them this time.

Overall, Accel World seems to be shaping like a blockbuster shonen thing that is there to rival best parts of Naruto in intensity. I’m wondering if it’s getting good ratings.

DD2 TV spots

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

The official page refuses to show videos for me (presumably a bad iteraction of dumb Javascript code and Flashblock), but they are at YouTube. Just make sure to search for some simple terms. The 30s spot of Pastishche side features the chipmunk girl, who sits comfortably in an armchair, without interference from her bushy tail. Not sure what she’s so happy about having two other sides with heroes, but then it appears that her airpower wipes whole fields opponents by carpet-bombing the heck out of them. Maybe two heroes have to join forces to defeat her.

Tatsuo Sato’s signature

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

While at AX, Omo scored a sketch, which immediately reminded me about something:

So, Marika’s signature turned out to be Tatsuo Sato’s. I do not understand how this is supposed to work, but ok, cool.

Sentai announces Xenoglossia

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

As usual, there’s nothing at their website or Twitter (why even have Twitter, if you do not update it?), but according to sources, Ledford licensed iDOLM@STER: Xenoglossia: the series that named the iM@S category at Ani-nouto. There’s going to be a sub-only DVD release. The Anglophone Fan #1 is very surprised. Ledford clearly pursues a different strategy from FUNi: when I look at their recent announcements, almost half is something I could watch, given the right cricumstances — even Planzet. Could Mahoraba be far behind? Exciting. The problem with all this is that physical media is in a terminal decline.

Emperor J on ending of Mouretsu Pirates

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Seen on LoMT:

As for my thoughts on the series as a whole, it began as a promising story of a high school girl’s entry into a dangerous world that appeared to be wonderfully constructed. As the layers came off, it became much easier to see that there really wasn’t much beyond that. The danger never really appeared but twice (the first episode at the cafe and during the dinghy race), but each was rather easily resolved. At about halfway, the slogan for how the plot worked appeared in the form of “everything works out when you’re a pirate.” From that point on, the drama ended and plots that simply passed the time began. I’m also aware that the last 6 episodes were entirely anime-original material, but I think the story had lost its way far before then. In conclusion, by constantly avoiding anything that could disappoint its audience, Mouretsu Pirates became nothing more than a weekly running joke about easily resolved plots and wasted potential.


I know the answer: the anime is an adventure for little girls, and it is not supposed to be a game of guessing who survives to the ending credits. If you want that, watch Gurren-Lagann (spoiler: Yoko lived).

SDB even threw out his fridge for the sake of this anime, around ep.14:

And that’s the secret to the appeal of Mouretsu Pirates for me. I’m no longer expecting a tight story, or deep plotting. [Emphasis mine — Author] I don’t expect it all to make sense. This isn’t like Shingu. But Marika is a fascinating character, and the Hakuoh Academy is a wonderful place, and the supporting characters are all amazing, and well just damn; I like visiting it and spending time with them all, even if the story isn’t tight and the situations are somewhat contrived.

I only wish it worked for me too.

UPDATE: Jonathan Tappan remarked that Mouretsu cannot be a story for girls, as I posited above, because it does not follow shoujo tropes. I am not sure I agree. There was anime before that defied the 4-quad taxonomy of shonen/shojo/josei/seien.

Evirus on Tasogare something Amnesia

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

He finished it, and:

As you might expect, the anime’s ending stumbled because the original manga is still ongoing. This gave the Tasogare Otome x Amnesia anime basically three choices: (1) A non-ending ending, which seems to be the most common cop-out, (2) an original ending after diverging from the manga (Full Moon wo Sagashite did this with amazing success), or (3) a real ending that the original (but still ongoing) manga later attempts to follow or improve upon, as in the case of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga.

Well, the Tasogare Otome x Amnesia anime took the first choice…sort of, but did it in a way that is both better and worse than the typical non-ending ending: It has an original ending which is actually pretty good, but then at the last minute it turns into a non-ending ending, betraying any emotional investment or payoff it might have achieved had it just wrapped things up there. I’m not sure if Silver Link simply chickened out, or if they have hopes for a second season.

More spoilery explanation follows at the source. I was thinking about Tasogare Otome &/at/by Amnesia, even though generally I never finish horror titles (the last attempt was 11 Eyes). But this is disheartening.

UPDATE: Tappan ate it:

Still the ending as a whole was so good that even the nonsense during the final credit roll was unable to ruin it.

It’s like The 08th MS Team all over again!

Jonatan Tappan on Sakamichi no Apollon

Friday, June 29th, 2012

It looks like it was a dorama, and a pretty bad one at that, only animated.

Sandra explains Marie and Gali

Friday, June 29th, 2012

In all of this advocacy of Mari and Gali, SDB somehow neglected to convey what the heck was going on. Or at least I don’t remember it [1]. Spherical Cows to the rescue:

See, since this is a science show for little Japanese girls who don’t get along well with science, they decided it would be best if they have a little Japanese girl who doesn’t get along well with science get trapped in a town where all these famous dead scientists are hanging out, doing sciencey things. They also play Kick the Can. With science.

[1] I re-read the Mystery Meat for the anime just now, and it contains an explanation of sorts, but it did not click for some reason.

They still make OVAs

Friday, June 29th, 2012

According to Chris Beveridge, Sentai licensed Trails in The Sky OVA. Wait, what? I thought OVAs were dead, relegated to hentai.

BTW, there’s nothing on Sentai’s website or their Twitter feed. Way to rely on media partners, guys. Chris’ future is assured.

Mike of Anime Diet interviews Tatsuo Sato

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Or so he tweets. I am speechless.

P.S. As soon as he linked Chaos Tangent, its server went down, with a possible Slashdot effect, Instalaunche, or however you want to call it.