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July 26th, 2012 by Author

Anime blogging – Personality and relationship with your readers“.

No idea where he got the number of 257 active anime blogs.


The number of blogs still active is created daily by a personal software I wrote and is shown in the sidebar of this blog under the title “Blogs Heartbeat”.

Blogs alive : 257 (35.60%)
Blogs dead : 384 (53.19%)
Blogs unreachable : 81 (11.22%)

My software, parses Animenano’s database and then scan each blog to check their last post date. If its older than 1 month it mark them as dead. If the server doesn’t answer it marks them as unreachable.

Did anyone even update AnimeNano after Maestro handed AB over to Akai? If not, 257 “veteran” blogs still alive is quite impressive.