EveTaku’s AKB0048 favourtes poll

July 27th, 2012 by Author

They promise a TL page and also run a poll of viewer’s favourites. As usual, my choices are not entirely aligned with the crowd:

Chieri’s lead is not in any way surprising, even if Evirus tried to be flippant:

In fact, at the moment I can only remember the name of one girl: Cherry, whom I’ve designated as the the AKB0048 Best Girl mostly by default because she has the best hair.

She is the most powerful, so yeah. Everyone loves Chieri. But I find her a little too overblown, and in the same time somewhat unpleasant: brooding, scheming, etc. I do not buy the way her nice side is imagined unfolding.

If it were a select-1 poll, I’d have to pick Makoto, the little worry-wart. The ep.10 was all kinds of terrible for her character, but oh well. It’s anime. I actually noted “oh Makoto, why are you so wonderful” at the beginning of 10, and then the facepalm happened. Thank you, Suzuko, you asshole. And you aim for Tsubasa’s job? Makoto is real though. She’s ok to marry my son any time.

Nagisa is, of course, Chieri’s foil, the viewpoint, CV: Karen Iwata, etc. I had to give her a point.

As for Mimori, well, living with Kanata for 2 years should count for something. That, and pheromones.

Successors are not as exposed to judgement. Kojiharu is pretty, and also saved about the whole of the 77th when Nagisa next to mowed them down with a micsaber. Acchan is talked about as if Chieri with a soul, and a great one too. And I should’ve voted for Sae. You think 75th was cursed? Bet they weren’t boat-anchor peers like Sae’s. So yeah. But overall we just don’t know them much. It’s a random selection, almost.