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Aroduc on Joshiraku

Friday, August 3rd, 2012


Not so good, although I am glad they cut down the actual rakugo bits. The entire second portion was talking about various Japanese towers, so… yeah.


The first third wasn’t too bad. // The middle travel segment was just as lame as the last one. They lack even the nice visual direction, instead just drawing various places. Yawn. // The third [segment] was probably the best, not to mention the most weird and violent.


The first two parts weren’t particularly good. The middle travel part was a little better than usual since it was about motion sickness instead of rambling aimlessly about various Japanese landmarks, but it was still pretty dumb.


As feels typical, only about one segment was decent.

Marii-san is not amused. Perhaps because she’s naked.

To be fair though, the task in front of the creators was about as big as before Kaufman when he scripted “The Adaptation”. And they even joked about it in ep.1.

Mauser on Nazo no Kanojo X 12

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Spoilers have never been so fun. OK, maybe they have, strictly speaking, but YKWIM. It took me a while to start laughing out loud, I think it happened when I saw the two dudes commiserating while nursing identical injuries. And gosh, am I glad that nobody lost an eye to an amateur with scissors, because the danger was quite real.